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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Follow me on twitter!!!
Eceh ... cam ade je nk follow, hahaha
any way, you can find me here

Nothing has been twitted yet.
But more will come soon.
I'll tweet sampai u guys akan rase menyampah
...... NOT
Mane ade banyak mase nk tweet all the time.
FYP pon tunggang-langgang lagi. ade hati nak tweet. hehe

Btw, does using "keke" cute? Rmai org gune "keke" skrng nih. -.-

Friday, 11 February 2011


This story is about my lil bro.

Me: Aida nak pegi beli Proactiv la
Lil bro: Ala kak eda kan de amek eme punye, nak wat pe beli lagi?
Me: Da abes la, eh biar la nak amek. Bukan eme pkai pon. Akak nmpk eme punye ade 2 kot yg lain, Simple dgn ape tah lg satu. Xkan nk pkai smpai tiga?
Lil bro: Eh mesti la kne pkai smpai tiga, kan Ja? (asking my oldest sis)
Me: Woi... tiga type la bukan tiga brand!

His "tiga" usage was supposed to be referred to Cleanser, Toner and Lotion.
But in his case, dia ingat "tiga" tuh, 3 different brand of facial cleanser. -.-"

What facial cleanser do I use?

I've been using Proactiv as my facial cleanser...
Ermmm I mean I've been "tumpang" using Proactiv as my facial cleanser... hahahhaa
I've been using my sisters' Proactiv all this while... lol
It is really effective.
Even though I x pkai complete set.
Obviously bcause I don't have a complete set and I am really not that type yg before tito mesti belek2 muke dlu.
Enough with jus cleansing my face, xdenye mase nk letak lotion and what-not. hah!

You should all know Proactiv... kan??? kan??? kan??
Usually ade jual kat Sinma and kedai2 yg sewaktu dengannye.
For now U'll see Kety Perry's face dkat banner dia.
but I don't know y, when I (actually) bought it today, I got this ...

Justin Bibir ... -.-"
I said to the cashier "X jadi belilah kak, ade muke Justin bibir"
and she was like "Apee???"
Me, " Ehhhh men2 jer" smbil senyum tersipu2 ...

Ok la, kite abaikan Justin B ok ....
This product really works .... and no, xde org paid me for saying this ...
Betol ....
Betol ...

Last year when I went to Russia, my skin tibe2 jadi gile.
My forehead, tibe2 nek bintik2 ... and until now...
It's obviously because I bwat full fringe, and since time tuh Summer kat Russia, so my forehead b'peluh and as a result.... bintik bintik bintik and f-ing bintik ... grrrrrr

So when I used Proactiv, bit by bit da ilang skit.
That's y I finally decided to buy my own Proactiv ^ ^
And no, I won't upload my fore-head pic.... hahaha!

P/S: You should really try using Proactiv if u have a skin problem. But if nothing happens, jgn cari sye pulak yer.... hehe
Owhhh .... My holiday pic kt postpone la yer. xde mood nk upload pic, lol

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


All of you should know Emok right???
If you don't please read here and here

I have something sad I want to tell you.
Emok is gone...
I think someone kidnap him
WaaaaaaAaaaaa .... sob sob sob
Or xkan kne langgar kot? cannot be, bcause dia bukan jalan jauh sgt pon.
Nak kate dia ikot kucing len, ade jer kucing len ...
Dia je yg ilang ...

Owhhhhh why???? Tell me why???
I know la dia gile cute and gemok ...
but sape yg nk kidnap kucing gile tuh? da la suke gigit org ... suke terkam org ...
suke cakar org .... oowhhh I just miss him.
X sampai sebulan jage, da ilang.
This 14th feb he has appointment with the vet, so balik/pulang kan la Emok tuh!!!

He's the 1st ever cat yg I really jage.
I mean he has been to the vet twice....
Mandi 3 times....
2 collars, the 2nd one was RM35 kot ... sob sob sob again
His food, xpyh ckp la.... mane ade kasi sisa makanan, dia xkan pandang punye, mesti bg yg dlm tin.... yg biscuits pon dia xmau.
Da la dia makan 4 times a day ... OMG kan???
Sebab tuh la seday gile bile dia ilang. I've spent alot of money on him.
Makanan, bwk pg vet sume I used my own money =(

Tengok la Emok nih .... sob sob sob again

Anyway, for those yg tgh tgg pics from Dubai and Abu Dhabi ...
Maybe on weekend I'll upload it, or u can see it at my FB...
but I don't approve strangers ... hehe

Owhhhh I forgot to mention, my supervisor gave my Mac Mini ... WOW
hahahahha mesti la bukan BAGI .... dia BAGI PINJAM jer ...
Baik bebenor dia nk kasi terus kan?? bg pinjam pon da cukup baik.
So now no reasons for me to say, "FYP xsiap lg la, cuz xde Mac" hohoho
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