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Monday, 31 May 2010


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Friday, 28 May 2010

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan!

Lately my blog has turned into a "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" blog...
Pegi mkn sane, pg mkn sini ... huhu

Anyway, last night my fam, n few of my cousins went to Al-Rawsha ..
Wanted to go somewhere else actually, but thn bile da sesat n everything, ktorng pg je Al-Rawsha since kedai tuh da ad depan mata ...

So here r the pics!

Org tua 1 table, separated from the teenagers!lolx

Nih my cousin ok! btw dia la yg bwat sesat jalan! haha

My cousins n my lil bro

My meal, dpt tangkap nih jer since da sakit perut tgg mkanan smpai~

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

To Whom It May Concern

OK alang2 da tulis psl miss-miss nih kan ...
Jom listkan things that I miss the most~

My S.M.K Kepong Friends ....

My form 5 classmates

Mahira .. Azira .. Muyah

My Kmns Friends ... I miss them the most

H3P3 =) U're the best!

My lovely roommates

Two of my best friends

Kawan suke & duka ^ ^

My Sabah Friends ...

My Friends ...

Aliff!! Where r u?

Kamil ... MIA hehe

Eezra ... Kuar jom!

Fizi ... Ni lg sorng MIA =(

Nurul! =) My ex-roommate!

Lela n Alia ... Ex-roommate jugak!


Lemy!!! Bile nk blanje?

Nabilah ... Sangat pandai~ Saye ske copy assignment dia haha



Syidee ... Sombongnye~

Ah Chong! Mesti u da lupe about this pic kan! hehe

Adlan .. Kat mane skrng?

Jacyn ... Ex-roommate yg pandai bg nasihat~

Intan ... Babe bile mau pulang? =(


Mirmir & Naqib

Khairy! Orang penang da skrng kan! ahaks

Caer maer ... sibuk ngn Gf dia jer~ lolx

Amir & Medi

Huishhh panjang gile kan~
Actually it's even much longer,
tp bcause of
1. I've lost ur pics
2. Your Gf will kill me if i upload ur photo
3. or I don't miss u! hahaha just kidding~

Can't turn back time =(

It's now 1 am in the morning ...
And there's only 1 important thing that i would like to share ...


But what can i do?
I can't turn back the time ...
Owh How I just which I could~

P/S: but I don't miss the "chubby" me .. hehe

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sangat Penat~

Today's we went to OU again~ hehe

Ate lunch at Charms, always wanted to eat there every time i passed by ...
Here are the pics~

ice cream goreng~ my fav! yum yum

Then we watched Sherk Forever After 3D ... i bought the tickets a day earlier, takot2 if full n my expectation was right~ gile full with children dalam cinema ....
N u know what? My Bf was excited since he has never seen a 3D movie in cinema before n I didn't even tell him I had bought the tickets .... Went he was like "Jom tgk movie" and i was "Xmau, rmai org, Xde cite best" and all sort of excuses came out .. =P

yg kanan tuh xcited dpt tgk 3D~

B4 balik, we went to Chocolate ...
U, I know U mmg da lame nk pegi, sje2 tnye2 I byk kali and was hoping I ckp nk pegi kan3??? Don't try to deny it! haha
We had pancakes (again) and waffles with air yg rase cm susu tepung~ lolx

muke excited dpt mkan mlm~ haha

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