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Thursday, 28 January 2010


A: Ok, sye nk awk buat website cm ni ... (bebel2)
B: Owh senang jer ...( dlm ati ) .. nk ltk tuh, ltk nih ...

10 min later ...

B: Erk .. sye nk wat cm nih bole???
A: X nk! sye nk awk buat yg cm sye ckp td .. ade frame .. bla3 ~

10 min later

A: awk buat ikot suke ati awk ... ur own design!


B: sye ad blog shop sndiri bole letak???
A: eh .. sye x suro pn awk letak ... awk buat mcm yg sye nk .. xpyh tmbah2 ... no
extra mark!
B: (dlm ati) tp td kate own design ... biar la nk tmbah cm ne pn~ xker???

Monday, 18 January 2010

A Sign

Since last week i've been hearing this announcement about the English Club for my college, searching for English Consultants ... i can remember every detail about it, where n when to apply and so on bcause that announcement woke me up from my sleep. The interesting part was they'll pay 10 bucks per hour to those who got selected. For being totally broke right now, makes me keep on thinking whether to apply or not.

So, today, i suddenly have the urge to apply, but unfortunately form da abis ... n have to wait for them to make more copies. u noe b'tape cepat my semangat bole ilang. so i was like "xpyh la, maybe it's not meant for me to join"..

But then td, i had my HCI presentation, i was totally nervous since it was a last minute preparation(supposed nk sorng je present, but then mcm lecturer tu bg individual marks plak). Then, pas presentation that lecturer asked me to see her after class..

Time tuh lots of things been goin on my mind.."did i do something wrong?xkan la dia nmpk ak pkai sexy2 kat college(my lecturer pn one of those in charge kat my college), or dia nk tegur about me clothes???" ...

Rupe2nye she was asking if i dengar announcement psl English Club tuh x ... then insisted for me to join that English Consultant thingy bcause she's in-charge with that thing.... wawawawawa never thought i got personal invitation ... huhu guess i'm goin to apply for it after all~

*my smile after hearing wat the lecturer said.... NOT!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

3 Wishes Aile!

It's actually my group's name ... for Networking subject ...
I'm really2 bad at designing so after a few try out ... i came out with 8 designs ...
plz tell me which one is better k!

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

#Logo 8

Saturday, 9 January 2010


This is not really my cat ... nih kucing blakang umah yg i suke suki wat harte sendiri! lol
Name dia Pirate since well, tgk la muke dia kan ... nk bg name Two Face, x sdap plak bile nk pggl .. lol
Tuh je nk ckp! lolx

Eat Eat n Eat!

Date: 9th Jan 2010
Time: 9:00 pm(kot)
Venue:The Curve

Me with my fam (except for my 3rd sis, she's still in Russia) went for dinner!
My dad's treat! made me feel fat after consume a massive amount of food ... there was ICE CREAM!!

Org yg wat juice there was really confused when i cam sibuk nk order skali using my sis's ticket .. rupe2nye dia ckp "adik bradik ke??xsame pn muke" ... mmg la xsame ... i'm actually adopted ............. NOT! lolx

Here r few pics!

*xsengaje same color! lol

*air apple yg cm len mcm jer =(

*ICE CREAM!!! did i tell u ice cream is my fav thing to eat???!

*me n my mum


Changed my layout .. buzz me if it looks weird or hodoh (in my word)!
*ini la akibat dr bosan xtahu nk wat per ... keep on changing everything

Thursday, 7 January 2010


I lost my spec .... yes3 i do wear spec, juz to class n sometimes while driving ... i remember seeing it in my bag, but thn when i checked again, it is nowhere to be found .... where could it be?????????

I tend to ilang brg now a day ... wonder y? makin tue makin nyanyuk??? hahahha totally a big NO! mude lg k ... 21 is when everything starts ... kot la ... hahaha

So i guess have to buy new one la .... malasnye nk g beli~

P/S: sape2 yg jumpe spec tuh sila pulangkan balik yer ... TQ =)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ok2 i'm writing ...

Nih blog post yg tpakse ... hahahhaa harsh but true .... Amir + Medi nk sgt i tulis .. so here it goes~

Jumpe Amir + Medi today, actual reason nk trade balik my spec with medi's .. nk dkt 2 months kot tkr ngn dia ... now i got mine back!

Alang2 da jumpe + since lame x jumpe .... so g la jenjalan jb ... after a long discussion we decided g OU bcause according to them .. parking murah .. RM1 jer .. lol

Went for bowling ... which i proudly to announce that i WON!!!! hahahaaha mule2 je dorng terer pastu ~ hahaahah sorry guys, but it's true ... *nk masuk blog i kne la tahan skit ek!

Thn mkn MCD, cian si Medi mkn prosperity burger smpai bpeluh2 ... xbese mkn pedas la plakkan ... Si Amir, b'usaha gile nk stay cool! lolx yes2 i noe it was spicy .. sje nk sakat korang!

Few pics were taken, but none that i was in it!!!! i jadi photographer jer la nmpknye today~

*the bowling scores! Medi's ... Amir's n ME!

P/S: ey, instead of big font, kale merah ok la kan??hehe

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 .. I Saw ....

It was almost 2 in da morning on 1st of jan 2010, i saw 2 girls juz came out from the sunway pyramid cinema ... walking seriously fast .... they went at the 1st floor ... looking for something, thn they stoped, looked up n down, thn went to the ground floor ... now they looked panicked, started to look at each other, one of them has started calling someone, asking for direction i think ... they went up stairs again ... then back to the G level thn stopped ... they then dcided to take the lift instead of escalator since it would be much easier and faster .... They got out at level 1 (i think so) thn, they started laughing, they were actually looking for the entrance of the pyramid tower hotel, they got confused a.k.a lost since the entrance had been closed n they had to take the emergency door to pass through, smiles n laughs were shown on their faces, it was juz for 5 min, when they again got lost in the hotel, searching for the room cuz apparently they kinda 4got the room's num!!! hahaha but at last they found the room, of course feeling exhausted after completing the "treasure hunt" ...
Those girls were ... eh wait it was me n my cousin!!!! hahaha
we welcomed our 2010 with getting lost in sunway pyramid! Silly us ...

In the afternoon, what i saw was a nightmare ... seriously, i would never ever go through that experience again. Me n my cousins went to Sunway Lagoon ... everything was fine until i saw something ewwwwwww! I usually walk with my head down, so the 1st thing i'll see is leg, body thn only the top a.k.a head ... To begin with, me n my cousin were wondering around searching for my cousin's sis n bro(no ... we weren't lost at that tyme) ... we were walking pretty fast when i saw ... 2 legs ... no pants ... cuz a bikini was on ... "own pompuan nih" i thought to myself ... thn when i looked at the body ... i was .... hurmz hw should i say this??? if i were at home, i would be guling2 on the floor trying not to die from laughing ... setiap langkah that girl took, her belly would be up n down ... more over, perut dia was a BIG EWWWWWWWW! bselulit all over + xsekate like org bru wat liposuction where kulit jd lembik n ad lubang2! i don't really noe how to describe but it was EWWWWWW! then when i looked at her face, her face was telling me like "YEaaaaH I'm wearing a bikini ... look at my body!" hahahahha it was terrible, then i saw bulu ketiak everywhere, haha it was long, curly + brownish since tuh mat salleh punye! lol

*she was somewhat like this, only her hair was black
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