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Monday, 22 November 2010

For You

U still read my blog?
Come on la .. that's just lame

please please go away
I don't need u or your BF near my life
I've got my own, n I obviously don't need urs

Anyway, sape tengah stalk sape skrang nih???
hahahahahhaa right on ur face B****!!!

Da malu kan skrang?
So go away!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Which one do U prefer?

Me? Honestly I will choose the Korean version ...
tell me which one u think is the best

The korean version have to parts ...
This is the 2nd part

Shout Awards

Shout awards!!!!

but ironically, I didn't even shout once ... hahaha
I was yawning most of the times ...

The award show was OK, there were some fun moments ...
hurmmmzzzz tuh je kot, I'm sure U watched it at 8TV right?

Luckily we got to seat, if kne b'diri mcm MTV World Stage dlu
I think xsmpai half, I da on my way back home!
btw, I went home early, sgt lapar and m'ngantuk!

Bad Luck?

I don't really care much about my so-called car
So last night I my sis ckp

"Aida, tayar dpn tuh nmpk pancit la"

Then, on the next morning, my sis helped me to change the tyre ..
She said, I still need to go to the workshop since that tyre won't last long,
sbb it's a spare tyre (I really have no idea about this)

So, I asked my maid to come with me
less thn 150m away from the workshop, I heard a "kruk kruk" sound coming from the tyre

Obviously me and my maid would be panic!
so I had to stop kat tepi jalan, got lots of honking from krete blakang ...
and found out my tyre da x jadi tyre da ... huhu
da xde angin langsung!
So I called my sis and waited for her to come and save me

It was 2 o'clock, gile panas ...
Luckily kat seberang jalan, ad lorry bhenti bcause their lorry pon rosak jgk! haha
anyway, they helped me to change the tyre sementara tgg my sis dtg ...
if not for them, I would have left my car tepi jalan tuh n would have caused a massive traffic jam (over exaggerate, hehe).... they were the one who drove my car to the opposite side since I was so afraid that if I moved the car, the rim or wat ever u call it, will t'cabut! lol

2 abang lorry who had helped me ... TQ
Thanks to my sis n her bf too ^ ^

Owh owh, thanks to my bf too, for helping me to pump the other 3 tyres in the middle of the night .. hehe

Sunday, 14 November 2010


I just can't stop laughing ... sorry U~

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Anya Marina - All The Same To Me

I'm in love with this song ^ ^
Some of you maybe have heard it
It's nice right?

This dance moves is totally hot!
I'm going to try the routine ... hehe (klau bjaya la lol)

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Feeling extremely hungry, me n my BF went to Murni at USJ 9
U all know Murni right?
And U must know how the environment is, how fast they serve U and how the food taste
But this USJ Murni is totally a I-Will-Never-Eat-Here-Again.

First, service dia totally poor, da lame ddk pn x dpt menu lg ...
Nk tgg mknan smpai pn lg la lame kan?
Then when the drink came ....
The 1st thing I saw, buah lychee x fresh langsung!
da kecut, nk started to become brown da pon ...

The food was all ewwwwwy and gweyyyy
My Bf order Lamb chop, lamb chop yg lembik, not lembut ... LEMBIK
bcause full of lemak!!! ewwwwwwww da la nasi goreng masin gile!
I had to spit it out cuz rase cm mkn "segumpal" garam!

My food, mee hailam was .... well masin too!
I barely eat it ... but the chili was the best! hahahhaa
So in the end, I end up Hungry the whole night =(

Lemak Lamb Chop

Mee Hailam Garam

This is the picture taken time nk balik, barely eaten mee hailam garam and ewwwwy gwewwwyy lemak lamb chop!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Teringat Kisah Dulu

Tibe2 t'ingt pasal time skola dlu ...

There's this one physic teacher ... she always make us write ... asyik2 tulis je ...
dia cakap, ktorg tulis ... panjang pulak tuh ...

So one day, my friends complaint kat dia ...
lebih kurang cm nih la situasi dia ...

A: Cikgu, penat la nk tulis panjang2 .. da la cikgu cakap cepat
Cikgu: Ala awak buat la short form, bru la cepat skit ...
A: Ala same je, panjang jugak
Cikgu: Awak try camni ... instead of tulis "air", awak tulis "H20"
A: tapi cikgu, xke same je air ngn h20 tiga huruf jugak???

Hahahahaha I was at the other table but I just couldn't stop laughing at that time ...
Anyway this Cikgu agk baik tp ade la jugak time2 dia nk emo skit ...
Sorry ye Cikgu sbb dulu kelas ktorng pnah wat Cikgu nangis

Polaroid Camera

Do you have 1??? if ade, jealousssssnyeeee~

I'm thinking of getting 1 .. hehe
after browsing, I found out that the 1 Polaroid camera that I'm interested in particular is
FUJIFILM Instant Camera - Instax Mini 7S

Seriously lawa kan???
tapi ...... (haih there's always a BUT)
the lowest price I found is RM245 for the camera only ...
the instax should be around RM22-28 (a pack of 10 instax)
Mahal la instax dia, nnt pokai cuz nk beli instax dia jer .. lol

Anyway I'm still "tengok-tengok" kat internet dlu
Searching for the best one ...
Do tell me if you know any good Polaroid camera ok!

P/S: I've send a text to my parents (they're performing Haji right now) if they can buy me one if ad jumpe kat sane ... hehe
They said kat sane Iphone 3G only cost about RM300 and Iphone 3GS is about RM600 kat sane -.-"
And they bought 3 Iphones (for themselves and my lil bro)
If tahu beli kat sane je ... haihhh


Yg cm nih pn bole jgk ... hehe

*drawing by BF yg perasan reti melukis ... hahahah

Monday, 1 November 2010

Hit and Run?

It's most likely like Hit and Drive ... hahhaa y?
Listen to this, ehhhhh I mean read this ^ ^

I was driving home from S.alam,
everything was just fine until this big lorry hit my car
x la kuat sgt, but enough to make me make my eyes gile2 besar n bulat smbil pandang blakang
Signal da pasang, n time tuh kat bukit, bhenti for traffic light n I wanted to go to the right lane
so the lorry(at the right lane) shouldn't be laju sgt n smpai hit my car la kan?

but as you all know, lorry mmg suke bwk laju, n have no intension to break if you nk masuk dpn dia .. kan kan kan?
so nk wat cm ne, langgar la ...
dorang nk kesah ap, dorang lg besar, if rosak pn, sure skit je, more over big possibility lorry tuh company punye ...

Bile da lanngar tuh, dia horn ...
and I what bodo je la, xstop pn krete ...
so I notice that lorry bwk gile laju,
a big lorry on the 3rd lane on the right???
so malas nk gado ( bukan malas, takot sbenarnye.. hehe) bwat bodo jer la ...
nk wat cm ne kan?
xkan nk langgar lorry tuh balik

My maid's story

At last, I'm home ...
so this post is going to be more to 'words' thn 'pics'
I know, lately my post xde ayat sgt, full of pic jer
It's bcause I was having my final exam, so tu care cepat tok update blog la .. hehe

Anyway, u guys should meet my maid,
she's younger thn me, 19 this year
gile talkative, even sape yg dtg raye ari tuh pn dia men blasah je sembang ngn dorang
she likes to laugh, bnde x klakar pn bole gelak
gelak dia smpai tduduk kat lantai kot~

she likes to watch tv drama too
lagi2 indon punye, but lately I noticed dia da start tgk malay punye drama
N only td I know y ...
It's bcause of those handsome actors!!! haahha

One in particular is Zain Saidin, I don't really know who he is, until I had to google about him since my maid can stop 'menjerit' just by watching him on tv ...
hahahhaa gile x gile???
suddenly jerit .. "aAaaaaAaaaa" thn gelak2, tunjuk jari kat si Zain nih ...

I was like -.-"

I don't really think she watches the drama pn, rasenye dia tenung si Zain tuh jer ...
n thn ajak I borak psl Zain, siap nk masuk kan pic Zain dlm HP!!!! hahahahha

Anyway for those yg xtahu sape Zain nih, here a pic of him
(nih la pic, yg nk masukkan dlm HP maid I, but x bjaya since HP dia da full! lol)

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