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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Job Interview 1: Cimb

Had an Interview today.
I had no idea what position I was interviewing for, I just dropped my resume at GLC Open day and they scheduled me for an interview at Cimb today.

I woke up at 8, siap2 sume then the worst thing happened. Jam terok gile, and I was barely entering Jalan Kuching. Baru dkt traffic light near my house =.=
but thank GOD I arrived tepat2 pukol 10. hehe

The interview was nerve breaking. I totally suck in Interview, and today was no exception. They mostly asked me about my personal life rather than what I've learnt.
Owhhh basically because I have ZERO working experienced and they're actually offering me Sales position. There were two, but I'm really bad with names so I don't remember it. haha

anyhow, I got to go to the 2nd Interview! Yeaaaaaaa
On the same day but different place.
And guess what???
I GOT THE JOB! It's called Personal Financial Consultant. (I wrote it down, if u were wondering)
But the prob is I have no idea when I want to start, they said to call them back next week to confirm when I want to start.
the prob is, I've bought my tickets to Tokyo in October. Can I get 4 days leave(excluding weekends)?????

Need to call them tomorrow and discuss about it.

Owhhh for those who knows me, u might be wondering why I got Sales position.
Well I have no F-ing idea myself.

I studied Science stream in Secondary school and as well as Matriculation.
Multimedia Computing for my Degree and now Sales for a JOB????

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


1. I got 2 new kittens! Will upload their pics later. Seriously cute kot.
2. Not going to buy BB Torch, but iPhone 5 instead.
3. Practical ends this FRIDAY!
4. Busy cari duit for Tokyo and Seoul.
5. Nak pegi SINGAPORE!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Officially nak ckp that I tgh merajuk dengan IPHONE!

Because my bloody iPhone is missing! Hilang tah ke mane.
It happened bile nak pegi makan dekat KGPA, mase dlm krete ade lagi, but dlm Restaurant da xde. I thought maybe tinggal dlm krete, so biar je la.
Da smpai rumah baru t'ingt balik then kelam kabut cari. Until today xjumpe.
HP tuh da OFF, for sure ade org jumpe and buang sim card terus.

The weirdest parts were:
1. I totally xingat langsung where I put it after gune. Simpan balik dlm beg or letak kat seat krete.

2. The moment I declared that my HP is no longer possible to be found, terus t'ingt Novel Cecilia Ahern A Place Called Here. Maybe HP tuh jadi same mcm dlm novel tuh kot.
Heyyyy It's possible what... xke? huhu

3. I think my HP tuh yg merajuk with me, because few days before I was thinking of buying BB Torch, tp just ckp camtu2 je kot. Maybe "dia" dengar kot. hahaha but I was thinking nak tukar dengan my other phone la, NOT you, my dear Iphone.

Things became complicated when:
1. My iPhone is under contract. Still have 15 months to go.

2. If nak tukar to other HP, I have to pay RM700 for the penalty =.=

3. Time nak hilang nih la, my family ajak pegi holiday dekat Tokyo and Seoul. Da la kne dune duit sendiri since da xstudy lagi da. =(

4. There are so many important things in the HP. My dad's credit card info (FULL INFO) was in there, terus kne report card tuh hilang and change to another one. My passwords for FB, Blog, Paypal, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and etc. Tapi naseb bek passwords jer, email xtulis.

So dear iPhone, please please please come back to me.
I give you one month, or not BYE BYE iPhone and HELLO BB!
tapi, kne cari duit dulu la. hahahhaa

Friday, 3 June 2011

Things you should know

There are somethings that you should know about me:

1. Even if I'm ANNOYED or MAD at you, usually I won't show it infront of you. The worst thing that I could possible do is just ignore you. If there was a time when you were asking question at me and I was just like "Yeaaaaah" or just nodding my head, that's the sign that I don't want to talk to you and please get lost.

2. I really2 don't like copy cats. Owhhhh not "peniru" tok assignments or projects. "tiru" in what I usually do.

3. Don't think you can mess with me, trying to "laga-laga"kan other people with me. Trying to get somebody to get mad at me just because people give more attention to me than to you. If you want people to see you, then STEP UP! Don't expect people to give u attentions when u're being quite and DUMB!

4. TOLONG JANGAN NAK BEREBUT ANYTHING WITH ME. If it's mine, then it is f-ing mine! Understand????

5. Stuff that you do, If I don't like it, I will usually give u a hint. I will never tell you directly. So please jadi peka la skit, and stop acting like you're dumb/slow, that ain't cute u know =.=
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