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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weird but not so weird about me

Berkenaan dgn tajuk d atas ( cm tgh wat surat rasmi time2 skola dlu plak .. huhu) ...
here are the lists of things that r weird but not so weird about me :

1.I dont drink 100 Plus cuz i think it tastes like rumput! seriously ... the 1st time i drank it was when i was at the school field, kbetulan time tuh padang tuh bru potong rumput so bau rumput mmg so obvious la. the minute i drank 100 plus, i taste rumput, even now if i try minum 100 plus again, it would taste rumput jgk ... so weird~

2.I really ske keropok yg da msk again ... if u remember dlu2 tyme "roti mamak" yg slalu round2 dpn umah tuh still glamour. I slalu beli this thing (can't remember it's name) for 20 cent yg ad keropok kale coklat n mainan skali dlm dia, juz for the sake of the keropok tuh .. my friends would be tossing it while i would be collecting them n happily mkn sorng2 .. haha n the weird thing was, i would be tossing those mainan! hahaha

3.If u've read my last post about Nightmare! thn u should noe what i'll be babbling about. I tend to dream abt my unfinished works when i go to sleep ... the annoying thing's i'll be finishing the works in the dream. langsung x dpt nk rest! tu belom tyme nk exam, i'll be studying in the dream kot!!!!

4.This might not be so weird, but i've sneezed more than 20 times continuously .. kwn dok sebelah time tuh mesti rase dorng da d liputi dgn germs! hahaha nk wat cm ner, da idung gle sensitive.

For now nih je kot ...
Esk start my 1st paper for final .. so wish me a very damn gud luck!!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Full House!

Lepas pnat gile exercise kat gym (ceh3 mcm bwat byk sgt jer), we decided nk pegi mkn bcause my BF nih dr b4 pg gym lg sebok da ckp nk mkn ... lol so we decided try mkn kat Full House, Sunway Pyramid, since ktorng tgk deco dia cantik ... yes2 i "judge the book by it's cover", who doesn't???? lol

We ordered Wok-Sear Chicken Chop, Seafood Spaghetti, Lime juice and Sea coconut yg .... hurmz slimey ... lolx

Enough said, juz enjoy the pic!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


*Just pretend that this post was posted on 10th of April ok!

10th April is my dad's besday ... so we all went to Victoria Station,Damansara since a week b4 when we were about to go to William, he said " Baik pegi Victoria Station. "

I ate BBQ Fillet o' Fish and Mango Juice .... Don't ask me about the service there, because it would take about 3-5 posts just to elaborate!

So here are some pics that i managed to capture ....

And this was what happened when we had to wait an hour for our meal~

Friday, 9 April 2010


This is the tyme where i wish, hope, want, desire, crave n other similar words (that can describe it) ... that i'm not as i am right now ....

Ok, i'm that kind of girl yg will do her work (non-stop) until she gets it right, or not, i xbole ddk diam, asyik ingt psl that work n weirdly i'll even dream about it ...

This all happening bcause of ASP project for my Internet Programming course. It's due next week, n i have "bhempas pulas" tok siap kan project nih, but still i can't make the main function works!!! arggghhhh it's been 3 times since i have dreamt about ASP ... correcting my coding (dlm mimpi tuh) .... n then i'll wake up in the middle of the night n xboleh tito ...
This one time, i had to say out loud, (time t'jage in the mid of the night) saying .. "ASP dah siap da ... Tito3" ... n u know what??? it actually worked! hahahaha

but thn esk mimpi lg ASP .. =(

My room da jd mcm ... hurmmmz i myself pn x tahu how to describe ... see it for urself!

Chocolate, tisu, bottle ... sme merate! tu belom tgk jumlah bju kotor yg telah di kumpulkan! lolx

But still i do have time tok abis kan my novel "Candyfloss" ... yes2 i've been reading teenage novel these days .... Teenage novels actually lg best dr Women Fiction (except for Sophine Kinsella novels la) ...

For example Diary of a Wimpy Kid .... less words more pictures! hoho
Reading novel actually helps me to sleep but it doesn't work on "doing" ASP day!!

FYI final nk dekat, study week lg 2 weeks ... n to compare from previous sems ... i think this sem is the worst!

Saturday, 3 April 2010


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