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Monday, 19 September 2011

Job Interview 3: ***** Bank

It was last 2 weeks, tapi baru skrng nak update. hehe

The interview was gileeeee sussssahhhhhh!
So many things needed to be assessed.
It was practically 1 whole day assessment. From 8.30am until 4pm =.=

First was the briefing, it took about 10-15 mins.
When I saw the agenda, I was like.... Damn, Abes la harapan~

They had:
1. Essay writing - da lame x bwat essay
2. Group discussions + debate - I only participated in the group discussions since they needed only 3 out of 6 of us.
3. Aptitude test - Gile susah... we had to do math, some logical thinking, grammar, synonyms.... I spent alot of time there.
4. Public speaking - My topic was "Children is not save in school anymore". Ape tah I merepek pon xtahu la. Just kept on babbling and smile if I got stuck in the middle.
5. Then it came to the interview session, I got 3 male interviewer, all 3 baik gile, senyum aje, xde la nampak garang. If garang sure kecut perut~

It was 50-50 on getting the job, there were about 40++ people and they only wanted about 20 of us, and boy I said to myself, If I got picked as the last candidate pon da gile bersyukur!

Any how, I got the job!!!!!! ***Big smile =)
I shall start on the 3rd of Oct, and I've already resigned from my previous company.

It's a 1 year Training (Management training) and the 1 year contract.
Salary???? ade laaaa.... cukup2 untok shopping sensorang. hehe
And now I happily guling-guling dekat rumah for 2 weeks, and I'm going to Brunei with my mom this Thursday.
^ ^

Friday, 9 September 2011

Damn u iPhone

I wanted to type "Public Bank" but I mistakenly typed "Pubic Bank".
Damn You iPhone =.=

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dear Anonymous

Or more to be called stalker.....

To make yours and my life easier (You know what I mean...)
I'll answer those questions that u're dying to know from me.

1. I'm currently single again
2. I have no intention on stealing ur BF (who ever u are, u're BF is not that HOT you know)
3. I DO NOT "tergila-gilakan" that boy as u might assume
4. Stop stalking me, cuz I DO NOT have any intention to stalk you.
5. Please just stay away from my life as I'm staying away from urs and him.
6. Stop talking about me, do you really miss me that much ehh?
7. Please DO NOT reply to this, because it not for you to reply.


How often do you get "Anonymous" disturbing you?

How often do you get "Anonymous" disturbing you?

Answer here

Friday, 22 July 2011

Job Interview 2: Fleming Gulf

The interview was on Wednesday.
I was very nervous and I had no idea what this company was about.
I just simply applying on Jobstreet an lucky got an interview.
The company is opposite of Pavilion, confirm stress cuz of traffic jam if keje ctu.
The only thing I knew was that the company organized conference.

I reached there early, and the Manager was interviewing someone else.
A girl ask me to wait in the room, and suddenly I thought mcm penah jumpe je this girl..
Rupe2nye, same Matriks dlu, she's my roomate's friends. patut la cm pnah nampak.
She said the Manager will be back in a min, and she said he is a mat salleh.
Terus extra duper nervous. Macam mane klau tibe2 i suddenly otak jam then can't find the correct word. Mati mat salleh nih x paham. hahaha

The job title is International Sales Executive, kne cari trainee for the conference...
Mase interview, mat salleh nihm hurmz seemed so stressed. I thought mmg confirm x dpt la.
He didn't seem to have any bit interest in me, but I have started to like the environment. Ade foreigners, chinese, malays.... just what I have always wanted.
He said he'll call me that afternoon if I got the job.

Mase jalan2 that evening, asyik2 tgk phone aje ....
Waiting for the call, it was at 3.30pm when I realize, confirm xdpt =(
but my friend ckp (she went to the same interview), the manager ckp he'll email instead of call.
So balik, terus bukak email dgn excitednye...

and guess what???

Now the prob is, convincing my dad, he said Cimb is way better.
but I can't see myself working in Cimb, can't imagine...
I know Cimb is more stable and everything, but I have no friends, everyone there Pak cik & Mac cik... bole ke I get any friends to talk to nnt???

Both starts on 1st August. I da signed with Cimb... but haven't given any answer to Fleming Gulf... Still trying hard to persuade my dad.
Wish me luck ya. Hope that I'll make a good decision.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Ask me anything! P/S: plz write ur name too! http://formspring.me/millyvindiely

Lame da bukak formspring, byk soalan pelik2 yg ade dlm inbox. haha

Lame da bukak formspring, byk soalan pelik2 yg ade dlm inbox. haha

Answer here

Yes u are right

Have it occurred to you that EVERYBODY think they are right??
How ever u explain to them, if they say it is "A" then it will always be "A" to them
Every people has their own opinion and belief
They'll stand to their opinion no matter what

What I usually do is, I'll try to tell them twice.
Make them see the other things that they have missed out
The 1st time to see how they react. The second time is just a reminder.
And end the end, If they still "keras kepala" and I'm actually right.

Owh by the way, if you think I'm wrong right now, it actually proves that I'm right.
Got the message??

Yes2... I'm talking about the politic + BERSIH.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Hint

I'll be away this 3 days....
I'll give u a hint to where I'm going ... ^ ^

Have you figured it out yet???

Sunday, 3 July 2011


This is my new fav song from T-ara ^ ^

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Job Interview 1: Cimb

Had an Interview today.
I had no idea what position I was interviewing for, I just dropped my resume at GLC Open day and they scheduled me for an interview at Cimb today.

I woke up at 8, siap2 sume then the worst thing happened. Jam terok gile, and I was barely entering Jalan Kuching. Baru dkt traffic light near my house =.=
but thank GOD I arrived tepat2 pukol 10. hehe

The interview was nerve breaking. I totally suck in Interview, and today was no exception. They mostly asked me about my personal life rather than what I've learnt.
Owhhh basically because I have ZERO working experienced and they're actually offering me Sales position. There were two, but I'm really bad with names so I don't remember it. haha

anyhow, I got to go to the 2nd Interview! Yeaaaaaaa
On the same day but different place.
And guess what???
I GOT THE JOB! It's called Personal Financial Consultant. (I wrote it down, if u were wondering)
But the prob is I have no idea when I want to start, they said to call them back next week to confirm when I want to start.
the prob is, I've bought my tickets to Tokyo in October. Can I get 4 days leave(excluding weekends)?????

Need to call them tomorrow and discuss about it.

Owhhh for those who knows me, u might be wondering why I got Sales position.
Well I have no F-ing idea myself.

I studied Science stream in Secondary school and as well as Matriculation.
Multimedia Computing for my Degree and now Sales for a JOB????

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


1. I got 2 new kittens! Will upload their pics later. Seriously cute kot.
2. Not going to buy BB Torch, but iPhone 5 instead.
3. Practical ends this FRIDAY!
4. Busy cari duit for Tokyo and Seoul.
5. Nak pegi SINGAPORE!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Officially nak ckp that I tgh merajuk dengan IPHONE!

Because my bloody iPhone is missing! Hilang tah ke mane.
It happened bile nak pegi makan dekat KGPA, mase dlm krete ade lagi, but dlm Restaurant da xde. I thought maybe tinggal dlm krete, so biar je la.
Da smpai rumah baru t'ingt balik then kelam kabut cari. Until today xjumpe.
HP tuh da OFF, for sure ade org jumpe and buang sim card terus.

The weirdest parts were:
1. I totally xingat langsung where I put it after gune. Simpan balik dlm beg or letak kat seat krete.

2. The moment I declared that my HP is no longer possible to be found, terus t'ingt Novel Cecilia Ahern A Place Called Here. Maybe HP tuh jadi same mcm dlm novel tuh kot.
Heyyyy It's possible what... xke? huhu

3. I think my HP tuh yg merajuk with me, because few days before I was thinking of buying BB Torch, tp just ckp camtu2 je kot. Maybe "dia" dengar kot. hahaha but I was thinking nak tukar dengan my other phone la, NOT you, my dear Iphone.

Things became complicated when:
1. My iPhone is under contract. Still have 15 months to go.

2. If nak tukar to other HP, I have to pay RM700 for the penalty =.=

3. Time nak hilang nih la, my family ajak pegi holiday dekat Tokyo and Seoul. Da la kne dune duit sendiri since da xstudy lagi da. =(

4. There are so many important things in the HP. My dad's credit card info (FULL INFO) was in there, terus kne report card tuh hilang and change to another one. My passwords for FB, Blog, Paypal, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and etc. Tapi naseb bek passwords jer, email xtulis.

So dear iPhone, please please please come back to me.
I give you one month, or not BYE BYE iPhone and HELLO BB!
tapi, kne cari duit dulu la. hahahhaa

Friday, 3 June 2011

Things you should know

There are somethings that you should know about me:

1. Even if I'm ANNOYED or MAD at you, usually I won't show it infront of you. The worst thing that I could possible do is just ignore you. If there was a time when you were asking question at me and I was just like "Yeaaaaah" or just nodding my head, that's the sign that I don't want to talk to you and please get lost.

2. I really2 don't like copy cats. Owhhhh not "peniru" tok assignments or projects. "tiru" in what I usually do.

3. Don't think you can mess with me, trying to "laga-laga"kan other people with me. Trying to get somebody to get mad at me just because people give more attention to me than to you. If you want people to see you, then STEP UP! Don't expect people to give u attentions when u're being quite and DUMB!

4. TOLONG JANGAN NAK BEREBUT ANYTHING WITH ME. If it's mine, then it is f-ing mine! Understand????

5. Stuff that you do, If I don't like it, I will usually give u a hint. I will never tell you directly. So please jadi peka la skit, and stop acting like you're dumb/slow, that ain't cute u know =.=

Thursday, 19 May 2011

3rd day of practical



HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA best x entry nih?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

2nd Day of Practical

No no no, I won't continue to 3rd day, 4th day n so on ...
after this it will be a week journal or even worst a month journal. hahaha

Anyways, since on the 1st day we didn't really do anything.
Today we actually did something... YEAAAAAAAAA!
owh I mean "I" actually did something, yg lg 3 tuh dok tgk movie lg. hahahaaaahha
jangan mara yer...

I finally know how to use the photo state machine!
I've always wanted to know how to use it. It took me few minutes discussing with my friends camne nak gune the machine. Last2 I accidently photo stated 21 copies and it was actually supposed to be 2 sided, but time tuh xtau lg how to do it. So i just put the papers back in the box. hahahhaa
Thanks to Faris, I now know how to photo state it double sided. hehe so guys, now that photo state machine is mine! if you want to use it, u have to go through me 1st!

And there were some other work too, but bese2 jer la. Key in data and so on.
Owh we watched Senjakala today. So so so so not worth watching. Ending dia macam ape jer. =.=

Hope tomorrow I'll have more work to do, bosan la dok renung2 xwat ape. Ngantok ade la! but xnak la byk sgt... hehe

Monday, 16 May 2011

1st day of practical

There're 4 of us (Me, Shikin, Mun and Anis) intern at the same place.
Where???? Hurmzzzz somewhere in KL. hehe (bajet mysterious pulak)

anyway, what we did today was ......................

We registered at 8.30am. stayed in the room until 12 something, and was called by the Manager.
Had some briefing, went back to the room.
None of us brought our lappy, so we were basically GILE BOSAN!
Luckily we found some movies downloaded in the PC.

We watch "D**k inside the bottle" and 2 alam (silent movie, no audio was available. haha).
Both movies are not worth to be watched.
but we had to watched it just to kill the time.

The place is actually a Multimedia College, so we felt like we were back in school again. High school, not Matriculation or University.
The students were so young and I felt old =.=

So, note to me ....
Please wear something non matured! hahahhahaa

Oooopppssssss Busted!


Tired of waiting. huhu

Thursday, 21 April 2011

This is hilarious

Please don't watch this if u're under 18. hahaha

Sunday, 17 April 2011


He's my senior, singing Cinta by Flop Poppy. What do you guys think? ^ ^

P/s: Khyree, u promised me that u would teach me how to play guitar kan? don't forget that. hehe

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I don't know why but I had tears in my eyes when I heard she sang.
Go straight to 1:40 to hear she sings.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Duit Syiling

I was buying some bread at 7e.
Went to the counter and that counter guy asked me ...

Counter Guy: Akak, ade duit syiling banyak x? Nak tukar bole.
Me: Xde la, ade skit jer.
Counter Guy: Xpe, 20 sen pon jadi la ... Da kehabisan duit syiling nih
Me: Erkkkkk xde la

and I left there thinking.

20 sen tuh kan syiling, he asked for 20 sen, nak tukar cmne?
dia bagi balik 10sen 10sen?? 10 sen tuh kan syiling jugak.
Confused betol di bwatnyer

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Book review

You should know by now that I'm super duper crazy about Novels.
My new hobby is collecting those Novels yg da jadi movies.

I have few, for now:

Diary of A Whimpy Kid
This one is a simple novel. I bought the book 1st then only I saw the movie. Since the movie x kuar lagi when I bought the book. If u don't like lots of words, you should really read this. It has more drawings than words and actually quite funny. I can finish it in 1 day. the movie came out last year, and I saw the movie on the plane on my way back from Russia. Rodrick is super hot in that movie ^ ^

Twilight series
If you don't know this novels, I have no idea which planet u're from. Even aliens from Jupiter know Edward. hahaha bwat lawak bodo jab. Anyway, I watched Twilight dlu then baru I was convinced to buy the book. And frankly speaking, I like the novel version more compared to the movie.

The Devil Wears Prada
I bought this book in 2009, saje nak bace the Novel version. And I have to say, The novel SUCKS big time. Serious bosan, don't read it. I repeat don't read it. But I wonder why the movie best gile. It took me almost 1 semester to finish it. =.=

Confession of a Shopaholic
Confession of a shopaholic was the first novel I ever bought. Ok la, I rephrase, It was the first novel I made my dad paid for me. ok??? And I tell you, Shophie Kinsella is real genius! If u see the way I read her books, u must think I have brain damaged. I will laugh historically, I even talk to the novel! hahahaha It will only take me less than 2 weeks to finish reading her Novels ^ ^
Actually I accidentally bought this novel out of interest, the cover was the most appealing out of all novels at that time. It was back when I was in form 5. I highly recommend you to read all of her books, not only Shopaholic series, but ALL OF HER COLLECTIONS.

P/S: I Love You
This novel is really boring, I have all Cecelia Ahern Novels accept one book, The Gift. Her novels are boring. Seriously.
Than why do I have almost all of her novels???? Simple, the novels are boring but unique. Her novels are like no other. She thinks about what people would never have thought of. If you want to read a unique + interesting novel (but boring) pick her book, but if you want funny + mind blowing novel, pick Sophie's.

The Red Riding Hood
Owh I haven't read this one, but I have bought it. It was on sale! So I can't help it. The movie hasn't come out either, but I'm so going to watch it!!

Percy Jacksons Series
I love this one, xkesah la if it is a Teenage novel, I really love the series. The movie was awesome but the novels are more more more more awesome. It was really hard for me to get the series, since asyik2 out of stock jer. Bengang gak bile pegi 3 Books stores sume pon out of stock. Rase cm nak bakar jer Book stores tuh.
Kite bakor jer, kite bakor!!!

The Kite Runner
The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a young boy from the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, who befriends Hassan, the son of his father's Hazara servant. The story is set against a backdrop of tumultuous events, from the fall of Afghanistan's monarchy through the Soviet invasion, the mass exodus of refugees to Pakistan and the United States, and the rise of the Taliban regime (Wikipedia)
I cried reading the novel, even though the story was a bit slow. Gile seday weyhhh. When I watched the movie, I cried again. huhu
I cried because of These words "For you, a thousand times over", If you want to know why, watch the movie or read the novel.

I'm currently reading this novel. I bought the novel the same day I watched the movie. I bought the novel first though. And I'm currently pissed off by the novel. X same mcm dlm movie pon!!!!!! Kyle should be hairy and have claws instead of being bald and having tattoos all over his body. Linda should be ugly not pretty. Kyle should have mirrors to see what Linda is doing instead of stalking her, tgg depan rumah hari-hari. The green house was built before Linda came, bukan mase dia kat rumah tuh! and so on ..... Kenape xsame???? Tell me why? It's normal to change it a bit, but this one mcm change everything except for the fact that Kyle have to kiss/be in love with someone. Owhhh btw, It was 2 years la, bukan 1 year mcm dlm movie tu!!!! He had 2 petals of roses to indicate the 2 years bukan growing roses image from the tattoos. Ishhh x pasal2 emo tengah2 malam nih ....

Angels And Demons
I don't understand the Novel. Owhh yes the movie too. The Novel + Movie is too heavy for me.

The end. Owh btw, This post is quite long and I'm not going to check and correct all the spelling and grammar errors. Just mind the mistakes will you. Thanks for reading ^ ^

Friday, 11 March 2011

Dream High Concert

Have fun watching it! *wink wink

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The signs

Signs that show, Final semester is almost over:

Sign Number 1
You'll be up side down thinking about your FYP (Final Year Project)

Da siap ker, Betol ke aku bwat nih? Alamak, da 2 bulan xjumpe Supervisor =.=

Sign Number 2
You'll be extremely super duper malas nak pegi kelas.
but in my case, xkesah la beginning or what ever, still malas nak pegi HAH!

Sign Number 3
"SHitttt, next week 4 test, assignment Ethic xsiap lg, project DM nak kne bwat ape? IR punye project ........."

Sign Number 4
Duit dlm bank da semakin susut! haha

Sign Number 5
MPG sudah datang..... hehe




Actually I wanna talk about MPG (Malam Pra-Graduan). Intro bukan men panjang kan? hehe
Anyhow, the theme this year is Black(Boys) and White(Girls)
Serious bosan gile kan????
bwat la yg WOW skit, theme Harry Potter ker? Twilight ker? Princes and Princesses Fairy Tale ker? Ehhh jab, da macam budak sekolah rendah punye theme la pulak. =.=
But the point is, BLACK AND WHITE?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Memang patut kot.


Click on this link and read.
What do you think?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Do Not Believe In Anthing

Do not believe in anything simply because
you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because
it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because
authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because
they have been handed down for many generations

Bur after observation and analysis,
when you find that anything agrees with reason
and is conducive to the good benefit
of one and all, then accept it and
live it up to it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Follow me on twitter!!!
Eceh ... cam ade je nk follow, hahaha
any way, you can find me here

Nothing has been twitted yet.
But more will come soon.
I'll tweet sampai u guys akan rase menyampah
...... NOT
Mane ade banyak mase nk tweet all the time.
FYP pon tunggang-langgang lagi. ade hati nak tweet. hehe

Btw, does using "keke" cute? Rmai org gune "keke" skrng nih. -.-

Friday, 11 February 2011


This story is about my lil bro.

Me: Aida nak pegi beli Proactiv la
Lil bro: Ala kak eda kan de amek eme punye, nak wat pe beli lagi?
Me: Da abes la, eh biar la nak amek. Bukan eme pkai pon. Akak nmpk eme punye ade 2 kot yg lain, Simple dgn ape tah lg satu. Xkan nk pkai smpai tiga?
Lil bro: Eh mesti la kne pkai smpai tiga, kan Ja? (asking my oldest sis)
Me: Woi... tiga type la bukan tiga brand!

His "tiga" usage was supposed to be referred to Cleanser, Toner and Lotion.
But in his case, dia ingat "tiga" tuh, 3 different brand of facial cleanser. -.-"

What facial cleanser do I use?

I've been using Proactiv as my facial cleanser...
Ermmm I mean I've been "tumpang" using Proactiv as my facial cleanser... hahahhaa
I've been using my sisters' Proactiv all this while... lol
It is really effective.
Even though I x pkai complete set.
Obviously bcause I don't have a complete set and I am really not that type yg before tito mesti belek2 muke dlu.
Enough with jus cleansing my face, xdenye mase nk letak lotion and what-not. hah!

You should all know Proactiv... kan??? kan??? kan??
Usually ade jual kat Sinma and kedai2 yg sewaktu dengannye.
For now U'll see Kety Perry's face dkat banner dia.
but I don't know y, when I (actually) bought it today, I got this ...

Justin Bibir ... -.-"
I said to the cashier "X jadi belilah kak, ade muke Justin bibir"
and she was like "Apee???"
Me, " Ehhhh men2 jer" smbil senyum tersipu2 ...

Ok la, kite abaikan Justin B ok ....
This product really works .... and no, xde org paid me for saying this ...
Betol ....
Betol ...

Last year when I went to Russia, my skin tibe2 jadi gile.
My forehead, tibe2 nek bintik2 ... and until now...
It's obviously because I bwat full fringe, and since time tuh Summer kat Russia, so my forehead b'peluh and as a result.... bintik bintik bintik and f-ing bintik ... grrrrrr

So when I used Proactiv, bit by bit da ilang skit.
That's y I finally decided to buy my own Proactiv ^ ^
And no, I won't upload my fore-head pic.... hahaha!

P/S: You should really try using Proactiv if u have a skin problem. But if nothing happens, jgn cari sye pulak yer.... hehe
Owhhh .... My holiday pic kt postpone la yer. xde mood nk upload pic, lol

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


All of you should know Emok right???
If you don't please read here and here

I have something sad I want to tell you.
Emok is gone...
I think someone kidnap him
WaaaaaaAaaaaa .... sob sob sob
Or xkan kne langgar kot? cannot be, bcause dia bukan jalan jauh sgt pon.
Nak kate dia ikot kucing len, ade jer kucing len ...
Dia je yg ilang ...

Owhhhhh why???? Tell me why???
I know la dia gile cute and gemok ...
but sape yg nk kidnap kucing gile tuh? da la suke gigit org ... suke terkam org ...
suke cakar org .... oowhhh I just miss him.
X sampai sebulan jage, da ilang.
This 14th feb he has appointment with the vet, so balik/pulang kan la Emok tuh!!!

He's the 1st ever cat yg I really jage.
I mean he has been to the vet twice....
Mandi 3 times....
2 collars, the 2nd one was RM35 kot ... sob sob sob again
His food, xpyh ckp la.... mane ade kasi sisa makanan, dia xkan pandang punye, mesti bg yg dlm tin.... yg biscuits pon dia xmau.
Da la dia makan 4 times a day ... OMG kan???
Sebab tuh la seday gile bile dia ilang. I've spent alot of money on him.
Makanan, bwk pg vet sume I used my own money =(

Tengok la Emok nih .... sob sob sob again

Anyway, for those yg tgh tgg pics from Dubai and Abu Dhabi ...
Maybe on weekend I'll upload it, or u can see it at my FB...
but I don't approve strangers ... hehe

Owhhhh I forgot to mention, my supervisor gave my Mac Mini ... WOW
hahahahha mesti la bukan BAGI .... dia BAGI PINJAM jer ...
Baik bebenor dia nk kasi terus kan?? bg pinjam pon da cukup baik.
So now no reasons for me to say, "FYP xsiap lg la, cuz xde Mac" hohoho

Sunday, 30 January 2011

What a bad luck -.-

Out of all luggage, mine got stuck back at Kuala Lumpur.
Damn ...
I had to wear my bro's t-shirt(the same one) to bed and touring around Abu Dhabi.
Owh please don't ask about my lingerie, I don't wanna talk about it.

Anyways, Abu Dhabi is hot in the evening and cool at night.
I can barely sleep because it's too cold(for me).
I had to find tissues every few hours -.-

The bad luck continues when, today(Monday), I have no clothes to wear.
I kept on calling the air lines and asking about my luggage.
As you know, or haven't known.... Janji pak arab is worst than janji melayu.
Atleast 1 hour late.
And in my case I had to wait for ..... geezzzz let me count 1st.

They said they'll deliver it around 7am-8am.
I called at 9 to confirm again.
They said they'll deliver it around 1 and a half hour later.
so it means around 11.30 am right?
11.30 am on the dot I called again.
They said the driver will arrive in 30 mins.
After having my bath, blow dry my hair.
Kne tgl oleh my mum, cuz I have no clothes to go out with.
at 11.15am, 5 mins after my mom went out the driver came.
Damnnn. klau dia cepat skit, bole da ikot -.-"
So how many hours? Kire la sendiri yer...

Now I'm stuck here.
but atleast ade internet kan?
kan???? kan????
(trying to convince myself, tp I don't think it works)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Charm Closet II

Hello peeps!

The 2nd batch for pre-order is on!
Visit here for more info

P/s: I've deleted the blog ... susah nk manage blog la ... Ohhh yes, don't forget to add Charm Closet to your Fb ya! wink wink

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Iphone Casing

Lame da xupdate ...
Sorry la not much interesting things happened.
But this CNY me n half of my fam will be going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi ...
So wait for the updates ya!

Anyways, I've been looking for Patrick or Spongebob iPhone casing
Patrick punye xjumpe lg, jumpe Spongebob je, itu pon xbyk ...
Ade satu bole la tahan lawa jugak, hard casing spongebob but utk iPhone 4 (mine is iPhone 3GS jer)
Sob sob sob sob ...

So today I actually found one, bling-bling lagi ... haha

Bcause nih murahan punye (25 bucks) so xla cantik mane
I bet a few days nnt da ilang gigi spongebob nih ... haha
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