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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Chilis Grill & Bar

Today's lunch was at Chilis One Utama ....
Malas nk cite pape, juz take a look at the pics ok!

P/S: I ate half ... erk xsmpai half kot for my meal, thn take away, smbg dlm kerete! lolx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


For CNY I went to Phuket,Thailand ... n here r the stories~

Day 1:

We arrived at the airport about 6 pm (Thai's time .. Malaysia = 7 pm)... my sis eldest sis was the 1st one yg pegi kat passport control .. thn org counter tuh was asking her alot of questions + dat guy pkai face mask, so we could hardly hear his voice, thn bile smpai my time ... that guy was like ...

counter guy: sisters??? (positing to my eldest sis)
me: yes2 ..
counter guy: y u no ... (pointing to his hair ... meaning asking for my tudung)
me: (smiled) .. erkkk
counter guy: oooowh new generation! don't wear ...
me: (ye kan jer la)

that was weird ... xkan la im the 1st muslim yg dtg Phuket but x pkai tudung ... huhu
btw my 2nd sis was next, n dia pn kene soalan yg same ... lolx

Day 2:

  • we walked around Patong Beach ...
  • searched for halal restaurant ...
  • went to hard rock cafe (abis half of my money kat situ jer)
  • jalan2 beli souvenir skit (abis lg duit)
  • penat2 ...
  • smpai hotel .. take turns urut kaki masing2 .. lolx

Day 3:

Island Tyme!!! went to PhiPhi Island .. cm tuh kot eja ...
we went with a tour guide .. campur with lots of other ppl ...
that tour guide person was hilarious ...
he was saying ... " u'll see chuck!! u know chuck?? it wont eat u one ..." and i was like chuck???? owwwwh he meant shark ....
gile ssh nk phm ape dia ckp, but bcause dia gile semangat, ckp pn like sekuat ati ... so ktorng wat2 like phm la ...

we went to 3 small island ... 1st one juz sempat nk pegi toilet jer, gile pnjg que dia ... 10m from dat toilet itself da bole bau btapa harum nye toilet tuh ... mmg nk tmuntah!

then pegi snorkeling ... in the mid of the sea ... erkkk x la tgh mane .. jauh skit dr 1st island tuh la ... they gave us 40 min jer ... mane puas kan3???

thn pegi sight seeing, tgk la few places which i've forgotten it's name bcause xphm pn org tuh sbut ap name dia ... something ending with -bay .... huhu

thn lunch tyme dkt pulau mane tah .. yes2 once again i've fogotten it's name ... thn i saw ...
hehe xptt tulis kot ... ala org putih sun bathing ... bese diorng cm ner .... haaaaaa tuh la wat i saw ... slambe gile dia, bole jalan2 thn ckp2 ngn org thailand kat sne lg ...

last place was .... erk lupe name lg ... hahaha .. tmpt tuh dia kasi like 1 and a half hour tok snorkeling again ... n dkat ctu ... u noe wat ... some fishes bit me!!! 3 fishing tyme!!!! dia ingt my betis nih roti ker??? terus xmau snorkeling kat ctu da .... huhu

bile balik ... started to feel strange ... badan rase panas ... da start batuk2 ... few hours later ... demam!!! damnnnn

Mlm tuh pegi wat aromatherapy massage ... bcause sakit pinggang sme ....

Day 4:

Demam lg ... both me n my mum demam ... org len sronok2 pegi jenjalan .. ktorg dua dok bilik jer ... thn my mom ajak g massage lg!!!

Day 5:

sihat skit da ... ptg nk balik da .. so g jalan2 dulu smentare tgg taxi dtg!

In conclusion ... eceehhh cm nk wat essay tyme skola dlu plak ..... hehe
in my own opinion, i like Mabul island (near semporna, Sabah) more than phuket) ... air dkt Mabul Island lg jernih .... plus brng kat Phuket mahal la .... abis duit da~ haha

P/S: More pics are at FB ya!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Currently i'm all over this song ...
a brand new song from SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation ...
Try listen to this!
who knows u might like it too~

Oh Oh Oh Oppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah manhi manhihae!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Delicious Ms.Read

Today's dinner is at Delicious Ms.Read at One Utama ...
the food was ok, i'm full now ... n feeling fat obviously~
so anyway here are some pics!

*taken from the tissue~ haha

*my dad's chicken chop

*my lil bro's pasta

*my sis's bread

*my meal, shared with my mom

*me n my mom


ok2 ... this is way long time ago .. like last year, somewhere in erk .... dec?? or nov???

anyway, me n my Bf went to TGI Friday ... ordered .. erk i've forgotten wat ... told u it's long tyme ago .... but anyway, here r some pics!

p/s: sje je nk blog about it ... xbole??? =p

Gemok le~

Today i went to Amcorp Mall, ikot my mom to get her product from 4life ...
and to meet my sis's fren, she kept on bugging me to give her clothes which she bought on9 (under my name) to her fren, bcause ...... she doesn't have anything to where when spring comes (ye ke????) btw, my sis is in Russia,studying ...

So then i saw Starbucks, n I'm like YESSS! have to go there, so i dragged my mum n her fren there ... tyme nk pegi order, i saw this indian guy juz about to go out n he dropped his wallet ... n i was like "EXCUSE ME!!" ... n he didn't hear me at 1st, but thn nasib baik he noticed n patah balik ... his wallet gile tebal kot, not sure tebal with money or recipt! lolx

Anyway .. the reason im writing this is bcause ....

juz wanted to show u this! i dont' noe what the drink's name is, bcause i actually wanted to order Mocha Frap but the that girl was like ...

S: "want to try this new drink ... something orange ... bla2 .."
Me: erkkk orange??? (making yuckkks faces) ... No thanks ..
S: what about this ... bla2 ... we bland together with choc chip ... bla2
Me: choc chip??? yes2!!!

so i ordered Java Chip Frap (that's wat writen on the recipt) n an Ipanema cake (remind me of my sandal ... brand Ipanema jgk .. lolx) ...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Hilarious Signs!

I was so bored the other day, n started Google-ing random stuff .. n look at what i found!

P/s: siape la yg bwat all these signs .... pas nih banana i nk pggl curved yellow fruit la!lolx

Twenties Girl

Seriously u have to read this novel ... I REALLY mean it! gile best kot .... i spent not more than 4 days to finish it (even though got quizzes n assigment byk t'amat) ...

If u like the shopaholic series, u'll absolutely LOVE this one ....

I think my roommate might think i've gone crazy, mane x nye kol 1 - 2 pagi gelak sorng2 sume pn bcause i was reading the novel .... bile da start bace, mmg ssh nk stop, keep on wanting to read the next chapter ... smpai t'mimpi2 pastu kot! hahaha

u might say im being OTT ... but trust me, u wont regard if u bought the book!
Happy Reading!

*the book i've been babbling about!
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