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Sunday, 30 January 2011

What a bad luck -.-

Out of all luggage, mine got stuck back at Kuala Lumpur.
Damn ...
I had to wear my bro's t-shirt(the same one) to bed and touring around Abu Dhabi.
Owh please don't ask about my lingerie, I don't wanna talk about it.

Anyways, Abu Dhabi is hot in the evening and cool at night.
I can barely sleep because it's too cold(for me).
I had to find tissues every few hours -.-

The bad luck continues when, today(Monday), I have no clothes to wear.
I kept on calling the air lines and asking about my luggage.
As you know, or haven't known.... Janji pak arab is worst than janji melayu.
Atleast 1 hour late.
And in my case I had to wait for ..... geezzzz let me count 1st.

They said they'll deliver it around 7am-8am.
I called at 9 to confirm again.
They said they'll deliver it around 1 and a half hour later.
so it means around 11.30 am right?
11.30 am on the dot I called again.
They said the driver will arrive in 30 mins.
After having my bath, blow dry my hair.
Kne tgl oleh my mum, cuz I have no clothes to go out with.
at 11.15am, 5 mins after my mom went out the driver came.
Damnnn. klau dia cepat skit, bole da ikot -.-"
So how many hours? Kire la sendiri yer...

Now I'm stuck here.
but atleast ade internet kan?
kan???? kan????
(trying to convince myself, tp I don't think it works)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Charm Closet II

Hello peeps!

The 2nd batch for pre-order is on!
Visit here for more info

P/s: I've deleted the blog ... susah nk manage blog la ... Ohhh yes, don't forget to add Charm Closet to your Fb ya! wink wink

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Iphone Casing

Lame da xupdate ...
Sorry la not much interesting things happened.
But this CNY me n half of my fam will be going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi ...
So wait for the updates ya!

Anyways, I've been looking for Patrick or Spongebob iPhone casing
Patrick punye xjumpe lg, jumpe Spongebob je, itu pon xbyk ...
Ade satu bole la tahan lawa jugak, hard casing spongebob but utk iPhone 4 (mine is iPhone 3GS jer)
Sob sob sob sob ...

So today I actually found one, bling-bling lagi ... haha

Bcause nih murahan punye (25 bucks) so xla cantik mane
I bet a few days nnt da ilang gigi spongebob nih ... haha
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