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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Che Go

Lately I've been craving for Korean food ...
After Seoul Garden, me n my bf went to Che Go, Sunway ..
The deco was nice ...
U should go there too~

Terayaki Chicken Bibimbap

Beef Bibimbap

Green Mango Blended

Real me!

The real me!
Real pics,
1.without edit (i don't really edit my pics ok ... malas gile nk edit)
2. belom mandi (dat's y my hair sume serabut)
3. tgh "Gile2 time" ... It only happens when I'm at home~ hehe

Oh yes ... my bro tuh bukan tgh tito or wat
dia tgh myorok sambil dgr lagu!
malu konon nk amek pic! lolx

New Kittens ^ ^

The "Ibu" is Pirate ...
It's been 3 weeks kot since dia b'anak ..
She has 3 cute kittens!
I don't know y dia still letak anak dia atas almari ...

susah la wei nk tgk!! asyik kne pnjat tangga je!

I know anak2 dia xsabar2 nk turun bcause everytime i come, mesti anak2 dia come towards me ...
Here are some pics of them~

Sibuk je Pirate nk masuk dlm pic skali ...


See! cm nk kuar dr box tuh n lompat towards me kan3???

I know i said 3 ... but there's only 2 right??
Well the other one Pirate da "penyek" kan dia ... hahaha
After nk turun dr tangga bru nmpk the 3rd one~
btw he's grey + white in color~

Friday, 23 July 2010

A message~

Why do people change???
I'm sorry but I will never forgive you
Bcause u don't know what "friends" mean
So I don't need a friend like u
I know u know the truth (ofcourse la kan ..)
But, on 2nd thought ...
hurmzzzz I've never realized u're the "perasan" type~ lolx

P/s: I know u're reading it ... so shoooo ... get out of my blog ok!

Monday, 19 July 2010

So excited !!

Ok2 ... I've never been to any concerts ... pity me~

Anyway ...
If xde aral/ara melingtang (not sure which one .. silap2 neither one hahaha) ...
I'm going to the MTV World Stage this 31 st July!
Thanks to Celcom ~ ^ ^

Itu je kot for now~
u must be thinking,

"b'lagak punye pmpuan! MTV World Stage je kot ... Ticket free plak tuh" ..


"Itu jer???? Itu jer???? ITU JER?????"

my blog ... ikut ske la nk tulis ap~ blwek ~

hahaha skrang dlm lab ... tangan da beku la nk tulis ag~ lolx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A van n me

A van chased me when I was my way back from my class ...
It all started when I tgh isi minyak kat Petronas near Uitm ...
Then I realize mamat van besides my car asyik pndang2 ...
What the hell (I learnt it from my ENT lecturer... xabes2 ngn What The Hell dia .. haihhh)

Dorang (2 guys) actually da abes isi minyak ...
tp xnk gerak2 ..
when I've finished, I waited for them to go 1st ...
Tp dorang lg pandang towards me ade la ... -__-"

Then I decided to just drove off ...
Selaju yg bole ..
N I notice dorang were catching up on me ..
Then they managed to over take me .. (since this one stupid car suddenly bwk slow~)

Moving on~
They were asking my num ... showing the "telephone" hand sign ...
So I over take them again ...

For several minutes kejadian kejar-mengejar t'jd ...
Finally bile kat toll ... I was hoping dorang xde touch-n-go ...
But that van still drove besides me ...
Shit! Dorang ad t-n-g ...
Smpai bile la dorang nk ikot nh ...

The best part came!!!
They actually didn't have t-n-g ..
bcause nk ikot my car, n asking for my num ..
dorang ske2 je masuk lane t-n-g ...
hahahhaa I was laughing when dorang t'sekat kat ctu!!

Anyhow ...
I noe it was dangerous ...
they could have done something extreme if suddenly mood gile dorang dtg rite???

So girls!
drive carefully ok!
take notice if someone suddenly decided to ikot ur car~

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A piece of paper

A Piece Of Paper Attacked Me Last Night!!!

P/s: The paper was a "contengan" paper .... hahaha like i care!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Chicken buffet???

Me n K wanted to eat at Murni ..
Unfortunately it was closed ...
so we made a detour to Sunway instead ...
K said I should try to eat at this chicken buffet place ..
The way he described it, it sounded like that place was way better thn Seoul Garden ...

When we arrived,
ok ... the deco was a bit plain ...
but we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover ... do we?? (but in this case, u should!)


To cut things shorts (since I dont like to write a long boring essay n i noe u also dont like to read long story rite)
Every meal at that place was horrible!
K was saying konon2 nk stay for 2 hours ... but x smpai 30 min I was dying to get out of there~
The chickens was ... gile keras! mcm ayam semalam~
few other things yg I don't noe what's called ... tasted horrible!
Cake tasted like prawns~ hahaha
The only thing that I like was ...... pick a guess guys ...
Of course Coca Cola!!! haha
even ice cream dia pn cm bulan lepas punye~

So the morale of the story ....
erk ...... bcareful where u guys want to eat! lol

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Seoul Garden

My seniors have been talking about Seoul Garden NON STOP!
Since thn I've always wanted to go there but I've never had the chance to ...

So, on a very fine day,
I found Seoul Garden at OU!!
Ofcourse I was excited giler ...
N I went there with H b4 watching the Eclipse movie~ ^ ^



Yes2 ... It's a Korean buffet ...
You should really try it ...
For students it only cost about RM25
Quite reasonable rite??
Me n H spent about 2 hours in there ...
We had Chickens, Beef, Self made Ice Kacang, Ice creams n etc!
SO it was .....
Makan, makan n makan! hahaha
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