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Saturday, 27 March 2010


I bought this crazy spray juz for fun ..
i bought the snow spray at first,

well, to make it a story, 2 funny things happened..

1.I sprayed it to my cat, of course la they'd be jumping cm nk gile cuz tkejut, but the best part was bile the snowy thing melekat kat bulu dia n every time my cat pandang blakang(n see the snow) it jumped, n i was laughing on the floor hysterically. then bile my cat pndang blakang lg, dia still tkejut n jumped lg ... lolx now my cat xmau dtg da bile pgl dia ... huhu

2.this one is about my maid... FYI dia nih mmg kuat tkejut, jalan blakang dia skit jer while she's washing the dishes pn bole mjerit cuz tkejut. n "menjerit" dia, i tell u, gile kuat!back to the story ... so i apparently sprayed her too, smpai abis one bottle. n then dia da jd like phobia with the spray, bile dia dgr ktorg(me n my lil bro) shake that bottle(cuz nk men with each other, not with her) pn dia da jerit cuz takot .. it's really hilarious i tell u. itu blom lg juz show her the bottle, lari + mjerit thn g dapor ... nasib baik my parent's not home ... or not sure kne mara ... as if ktorg dera our maid! lolx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

When will this over?

Gile x ske when the sem is almost over, time tuh la btimbun project, assignment, test, quiz, n etc nk kne siap kan ....
Arghhhhh pening2 ...

Things to do:

  1. Movie Mandarin : Shoot Vid + edit
  2. Project ID : apparently mcm Kyree je yg kne abis kan ... huhu
  3. Project HCI : How nk msukkan system voice recognition dlm flash tuh???
  4. Multimedia Programming : Shoot Vid + edit
  5. Internet Programming : Damn ASP yg gile pening nk bwat, sgt byk + sgt Zoo-Wee Mama~
  6. Data Communicatin n Networking : Movie Review


Btw this sem i got 7 subjects!!!!!!! but only 6 final papers ...
But still 6 tuh byk kot~

Juz hope bile sem nih abis i won't end up like this:

Check This Out!

Malas nk bebel byk2 ...
juz check this out ok!

Health On9

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lady Gaga : Telephone MV

Must Watch!!! Awww~

Lady Gaga Telephone (MUSIC VIDEO)

Broke up???

I was google-ing and found the latest news about lovely Robert Pattinson ...
Saying he n Kristen Stewart has broken up! (yeaAAAaaa)
but ... it was only a rumour =(
For more info check out Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up?

Anyway i can't wait to watch his new movie, Remember Me ... at 1st i thought it was an adaption from the Novel written by Shopie Kinsella entitled Remember Me , but the it's not~
I wish it was ... It would be seriously intriguing ...

I was shocked to found out that he has acted in soon to be 17 films! (5 are still under pre-production). I only knew him in obviously the Twilight movie, and then found out he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (The 1st Harry Potter movie i saw, yea2 i'm not really a Harry Potter fan).

Ok2 enough babbling, it's my bad time now .. Sok ad test OR!!! wish me luck!

Isn't he adorable ...

Mane nk cr???

Sme tempat da cari .. tp x jumpe ... erk x la sme, Ou x pegi ag, t'akhir tengok ad tp x sempat nk beli ... tp mungkinkah dekat OU pn da kehabisan stok? ??? Oh tidak!!!!

Nape cepat sgt abis? tpakse beli bende len dlu sebagai peganti, dan ia membawa kepada byk duit abis .. waaaaaaaa =(

Ermmm ap yg d cari yg ssh sgt nk jumpe tuh????

Mesti la buku Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters .... Yg ade Percy Jackson Ultimate Guide ... yg tuh nk bwat ap~ sye nk yg ke-2 punye la!!!! arghhhh kecewa2 ....

Kepade sesiape yg jumpe, tolong memberitahu saye yer! bg memudahkan kerja anda, sye akan memaparkan gambar kulit buku tersebut

P/S: BM dr atas hingga bawah kerana baru sahaja menyiapkan tugasan Rangkaian a.k.a Networking dlm BM .... puncanye xnk pelajar salin dan tampal!!! (copy and paste) hahahahaha

Monday, 8 March 2010

Grief time~

It was because i was so sleepy (about 7 am) , i juz took the glue that my bf wanted n put it straight into my bag ...

thn by the time nk pegi kelas (about 4 pm)i felt somthing hot kat my bag ... thn when i checked ... my bag da mcm keras ... thn i remembered psl glue tuh ... FYI glue tuh lg kuat dr gam cap gajah ...

my bag, purse, tali hard rock which i bought kat prague n my hp ... all ruined!!!
arghhhhh my bag melekat with tali hard rock tuh ... purse tuh melekat sesame sendiri ... my hp plak, da keras skit skin dia cuz kne that bloody glue~

i dont really care about my bag, purse n my hp .... i gile2 kisah about tali hard rock tuh! it's only sold at Prague, time pegi Berlin + Phuket pn x jumpe tali tuh da ... waaaaaaaaa! RM100++ kot, ag mahal dr my bag tuh~ =(

koyak da~

cm ne nk tanggalkan?!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


This post is dedicated to those yg slalu sgt x flush toilet after using it ...

Hey! even cats pn tahu flush ok!
so there's no more excuse for not flushing the toilet ..
Plz la ... bau tahu!

P/s: i slalu notice org x flush toilet after using it ...i nk masuk toilet tu pn da pkir 2-3-4 kali~


y do u exist?
y do i hav to take this subject?
y do i hav networking test this bloody saturday?
y can't i understand u??!
y byk sgt chapter????
Tell me y!!

can i change u to one of my fav novel????
ok! let's try!!!!



Did it work???


ofcourse nope!!!!

Bubble Tea!!

I always buy this bubble tea ... by always i mean like almost everyday(except for weekend la) ...
so today, as usual pas class I went straight to the stall ...
ordered my fav watermelon + vanilla ...
thn bile nk byr .. abg tuh ckp "xpe la dik, ari2 dtg beli ... ari nih abg belanje la" ...
n i was gile shocked + senyum gile2 lebar! hahaha
agk2 esk dpt free lg x??? wahahhaha lebih2 lak kan!
tp pasnih cm segan plak nk pegi beli lg .... huhu~

Monday, 1 March 2010


I've been meaning to blog about it long2 tyme ago, tp asyik lupe jer~
So so so so ... Ok now i've joined gym .. Celebrity Fitness obviously ..
I joined the all club membership since weekdays i'm stuck kat S.alam ... n weekdays obviously i'll be happily at home ...

So weekdays i'll usually go to Sunway's Celebrity Fitness n on sunday i'll go to Celebrity Fitness kat OU ...
I really enjoy the dance class which i always attend on sunday at OU ...
gile best! i've danced Bad romance, disturbia, 3, sexy something ape tah title dia n etc !!

Dkat Sunway i usually will be doing weight lifting ... weight yg plg mininum la obviously! hahaha

So let's see in few months coming, if i'll have 6 packs!! lolx

*after shower ...
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