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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Holiday

As u all know, i juz
got back from Russia
on the 28th ...
I love the airplane ...
I mean those movies that were showing on it ...
I didn't sleep (the last flight) juz to watch them ..
still x sempat nk tgk cite Liar game final stage smpai abis =(

So how's Russia?
Ok .. nice ..
At first when we arrived, the weather was 20++ Celsius ..
Strolling around, amek pics yg sgt byk~
n we went to a lot of souvenir shops ...

Then came St. Petersburg ..
It was raining when we arrived ...
gile sejuk~
The next day .. OMG gile panas!

After that Russia's weather gile panas
mcm Malaysia 36 celcius ...
Tp kat sne panas kering, n it juz made my skin gile kering~ =(

Anyway ...
overall it was superb!
We didn't have to wait for the train to come
bcause dia dtg every 2 mins ...
not like K** ... if t'tgl rase cm nk nangis jer .. huhu

So here r the pics!
more pics r at FB!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Quick update

Hey guys!!
I'm currently at KLIA ...
on my way to Russia to see my sis's convo ...
I'll be back on 28th ..
so don't miss much ok!

The reason I'm writing this is bcause I'm so damn bored!
It's 1 am and our flight is at 2 am ...
Haihhh 1 more hour to go~
then I'll have to sit in the plane for 6 or 8 hours (not really sure)
transit at Dubai
Then 5 more hours to go to reach Russia
gile lame kan???
Thank god they have movies showing in the plane ... =)

So I guess that's it ...
will be posting again (hopefully on 28 or 29th)
to tell u guys all about the holiday!!!

P/S: This is my 2ns time going to Russia ... Dlu i went when i was in form 2 ^ ^

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A day with S

It's been long since I last hang out with S ..
So today we went to OU, had lucnh at Garden,
Saw Marmaduke ...
N then ktorng pegi tangkap pic yg stiker tuh ...
I've forgotten what it is called plak ~

To cut things short,
It was fun ... we had so much fun, n we laugh a lot ..
S is the only person who can really 'mengarut' and makes me laugh~
Saye sgt rindu time tuition kat Kasturi dlu~

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sem 4 ^ ^

U noe that I was all down with my 3rd sem's result right ...
Well now we just got our 4th sem's result ...
I've been trying to open the page for hours ...
not hours actually .. 2 f-ing DAYS!

Then today, I couldn't really sleep well since asyik t'ingt wat my result is ...
I noe I did kind of well, maybe a few papers yg ok-ok jer ...
But still there's a possibility I da x dekan lg =(
so after tekan F5 button like thousand times, at last i can see it!!!!

it is not really "mberangsangkan" ...
but I'm happy with it~ Thank god!

This is half page of my mini transkrip! ^ ^
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