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Monday, 19 September 2011

Job Interview 3: ***** Bank

It was last 2 weeks, tapi baru skrng nak update. hehe

The interview was gileeeee sussssahhhhhh!
So many things needed to be assessed.
It was practically 1 whole day assessment. From 8.30am until 4pm =.=

First was the briefing, it took about 10-15 mins.
When I saw the agenda, I was like.... Damn, Abes la harapan~

They had:
1. Essay writing - da lame x bwat essay
2. Group discussions + debate - I only participated in the group discussions since they needed only 3 out of 6 of us.
3. Aptitude test - Gile susah... we had to do math, some logical thinking, grammar, synonyms.... I spent alot of time there.
4. Public speaking - My topic was "Children is not save in school anymore". Ape tah I merepek pon xtahu la. Just kept on babbling and smile if I got stuck in the middle.
5. Then it came to the interview session, I got 3 male interviewer, all 3 baik gile, senyum aje, xde la nampak garang. If garang sure kecut perut~

It was 50-50 on getting the job, there were about 40++ people and they only wanted about 20 of us, and boy I said to myself, If I got picked as the last candidate pon da gile bersyukur!

Any how, I got the job!!!!!! ***Big smile =)
I shall start on the 3rd of Oct, and I've already resigned from my previous company.

It's a 1 year Training (Management training) and the 1 year contract.
Salary???? ade laaaa.... cukup2 untok shopping sensorang. hehe
And now I happily guling-guling dekat rumah for 2 weeks, and I'm going to Brunei with my mom this Thursday.
^ ^

Friday, 9 September 2011

Damn u iPhone

I wanted to type "Public Bank" but I mistakenly typed "Pubic Bank".
Damn You iPhone =.=

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dear Anonymous

Or more to be called stalker.....

To make yours and my life easier (You know what I mean...)
I'll answer those questions that u're dying to know from me.

1. I'm currently single again
2. I have no intention on stealing ur BF (who ever u are, u're BF is not that HOT you know)
3. I DO NOT "tergila-gilakan" that boy as u might assume
4. Stop stalking me, cuz I DO NOT have any intention to stalk you.
5. Please just stay away from my life as I'm staying away from urs and him.
6. Stop talking about me, do you really miss me that much ehh?
7. Please DO NOT reply to this, because it not for you to reply.


How often do you get "Anonymous" disturbing you?

How often do you get "Anonymous" disturbing you?

Answer here

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