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Sunday, 30 January 2011

What a bad luck -.-

Out of all luggage, mine got stuck back at Kuala Lumpur.
Damn ...
I had to wear my bro's t-shirt(the same one) to bed and touring around Abu Dhabi.
Owh please don't ask about my lingerie, I don't wanna talk about it.

Anyways, Abu Dhabi is hot in the evening and cool at night.
I can barely sleep because it's too cold(for me).
I had to find tissues every few hours -.-

The bad luck continues when, today(Monday), I have no clothes to wear.
I kept on calling the air lines and asking about my luggage.
As you know, or haven't known.... Janji pak arab is worst than janji melayu.
Atleast 1 hour late.
And in my case I had to wait for ..... geezzzz let me count 1st.

They said they'll deliver it around 7am-8am.
I called at 9 to confirm again.
They said they'll deliver it around 1 and a half hour later.
so it means around 11.30 am right?
11.30 am on the dot I called again.
They said the driver will arrive in 30 mins.
After having my bath, blow dry my hair.
Kne tgl oleh my mum, cuz I have no clothes to go out with.
at 11.15am, 5 mins after my mom went out the driver came.
Damnnn. klau dia cepat skit, bole da ikot -.-"
So how many hours? Kire la sendiri yer...

Now I'm stuck here.
but atleast ade internet kan?
kan???? kan????
(trying to convince myself, tp I don't think it works)


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