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Friday, 11 February 2011

What facial cleanser do I use?

I've been using Proactiv as my facial cleanser...
Ermmm I mean I've been "tumpang" using Proactiv as my facial cleanser... hahahhaa
I've been using my sisters' Proactiv all this while... lol
It is really effective.
Even though I x pkai complete set.
Obviously bcause I don't have a complete set and I am really not that type yg before tito mesti belek2 muke dlu.
Enough with jus cleansing my face, xdenye mase nk letak lotion and what-not. hah!

You should all know Proactiv... kan??? kan??? kan??
Usually ade jual kat Sinma and kedai2 yg sewaktu dengannye.
For now U'll see Kety Perry's face dkat banner dia.
but I don't know y, when I (actually) bought it today, I got this ...

Justin Bibir ... -.-"
I said to the cashier "X jadi belilah kak, ade muke Justin bibir"
and she was like "Apee???"
Me, " Ehhhh men2 jer" smbil senyum tersipu2 ...

Ok la, kite abaikan Justin B ok ....
This product really works .... and no, xde org paid me for saying this ...
Betol ....
Betol ...

Last year when I went to Russia, my skin tibe2 jadi gile.
My forehead, tibe2 nek bintik2 ... and until now...
It's obviously because I bwat full fringe, and since time tuh Summer kat Russia, so my forehead b'peluh and as a result.... bintik bintik bintik and f-ing bintik ... grrrrrr

So when I used Proactiv, bit by bit da ilang skit.
That's y I finally decided to buy my own Proactiv ^ ^
And no, I won't upload my fore-head pic.... hahaha!

P/S: You should really try using Proactiv if u have a skin problem. But if nothing happens, jgn cari sye pulak yer.... hehe
Owhhh .... My holiday pic kt postpone la yer. xde mood nk upload pic, lol


farida amira said...

hmm tumpang tanya, berapa harga one set for this product?

Milly said...

Owh it's RM199 for 1 set
Facial cleanser, toner, lotion n mask

Uishhh da bunyi cm promoter pulak .. haha

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