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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

2nd Day of Practical

No no no, I won't continue to 3rd day, 4th day n so on ...
after this it will be a week journal or even worst a month journal. hahaha

Anyways, since on the 1st day we didn't really do anything.
Today we actually did something... YEAAAAAAAAA!
owh I mean "I" actually did something, yg lg 3 tuh dok tgk movie lg. hahahaaaahha
jangan mara yer...

I finally know how to use the photo state machine!
I've always wanted to know how to use it. It took me few minutes discussing with my friends camne nak gune the machine. Last2 I accidently photo stated 21 copies and it was actually supposed to be 2 sided, but time tuh xtau lg how to do it. So i just put the papers back in the box. hahahhaa
Thanks to Faris, I now know how to photo state it double sided. hehe so guys, now that photo state machine is mine! if you want to use it, u have to go through me 1st!

And there were some other work too, but bese2 jer la. Key in data and so on.
Owh we watched Senjakala today. So so so so not worth watching. Ending dia macam ape jer. =.=

Hope tomorrow I'll have more work to do, bosan la dok renung2 xwat ape. Ngantok ade la! but xnak la byk sgt... hehe


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