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Monday, 19 September 2011

Job Interview 3: ***** Bank

It was last 2 weeks, tapi baru skrng nak update. hehe

The interview was gileeeee sussssahhhhhh!
So many things needed to be assessed.
It was practically 1 whole day assessment. From 8.30am until 4pm =.=

First was the briefing, it took about 10-15 mins.
When I saw the agenda, I was like.... Damn, Abes la harapan~

They had:
1. Essay writing - da lame x bwat essay
2. Group discussions + debate - I only participated in the group discussions since they needed only 3 out of 6 of us.
3. Aptitude test - Gile susah... we had to do math, some logical thinking, grammar, synonyms.... I spent alot of time there.
4. Public speaking - My topic was "Children is not save in school anymore". Ape tah I merepek pon xtahu la. Just kept on babbling and smile if I got stuck in the middle.
5. Then it came to the interview session, I got 3 male interviewer, all 3 baik gile, senyum aje, xde la nampak garang. If garang sure kecut perut~

It was 50-50 on getting the job, there were about 40++ people and they only wanted about 20 of us, and boy I said to myself, If I got picked as the last candidate pon da gile bersyukur!

Any how, I got the job!!!!!! ***Big smile =)
I shall start on the 3rd of Oct, and I've already resigned from my previous company.

It's a 1 year Training (Management training) and the 1 year contract.
Salary???? ade laaaa.... cukup2 untok shopping sensorang. hehe
And now I happily guling-guling dekat rumah for 2 weeks, and I'm going to Brunei with my mom this Thursday.
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