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Friday, 27 November 2009

So Called A Good Sis!

Went to the beach again ... juz got back~
b4 pegi, my bro ckp,
"kak ida... nk coke!" .. so i was like ok jer~
me n my cazen's went to mcd b4 to da beach ...
d coke dat i bought was less thn half, so i got a very2 gile2 idea ...
i took my cazen's empty cup thn filled it with air laut! hahahaha

when i got home ..
my lil bro gle excited nk coke ..
so i gave him air laut tuh!
u should see his reactions ... i even guling2 kat lantai dying with laughter~
seb bek dia x mara sgt ... actually i did buy a new can of coke for him ..
dat's y dia x jd mara!lolx
next time nk wat even worst prank thn this!

driving in terengganu gle2 scary ...
when we had to stop at d traffic light ..
suddenly gle byk rempit coming for d other direction ...
really byk ...
whn it was my turn tok jln, they actually juz jalan ...
all of my cazens (including me) da jerit gle2!


russia said...

great idea!
should buat kat farhan on his bday..

Milly said...

hahaha tp dia da tau da ...
nnt x suprise la ..
if nk wat, wat lg cruel la ...

if nk idea, juz buzz me ...
i byk idea gile2

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