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Friday, 5 February 2010

Twenties Girl

Seriously u have to read this novel ... I REALLY mean it! gile best kot .... i spent not more than 4 days to finish it (even though got quizzes n assigment byk t'amat) ...

If u like the shopaholic series, u'll absolutely LOVE this one ....

I think my roommate might think i've gone crazy, mane x nye kol 1 - 2 pagi gelak sorng2 sume pn bcause i was reading the novel .... bile da start bace, mmg ssh nk stop, keep on wanting to read the next chapter ... smpai t'mimpi2 pastu kot! hahaha

u might say im being OTT ... but trust me, u wont regard if u bought the book!
Happy Reading!

*the book i've been babbling about!


Syazmin :) said...

Best ke? Best ke??? Bcs I'm not a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, shopaholics series tu mcm exaggerate byk sgt but Remember Me was soo sweet.

Milly said...

sgt best!!!
i like this one more thn Remember me ...
da bace Can u keep a secret??
tuh pn best jgk! tp buku tuh da lame~

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