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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Gemok le~

Today i went to Amcorp Mall, ikot my mom to get her product from 4life ...
and to meet my sis's fren, she kept on bugging me to give her clothes which she bought on9 (under my name) to her fren, bcause ...... she doesn't have anything to where when spring comes (ye ke????) btw, my sis is in Russia,studying ...

So then i saw Starbucks, n I'm like YESSS! have to go there, so i dragged my mum n her fren there ... tyme nk pegi order, i saw this indian guy juz about to go out n he dropped his wallet ... n i was like "EXCUSE ME!!" ... n he didn't hear me at 1st, but thn nasib baik he noticed n patah balik ... his wallet gile tebal kot, not sure tebal with money or recipt! lolx

Anyway .. the reason im writing this is bcause ....

juz wanted to show u this! i dont' noe what the drink's name is, bcause i actually wanted to order Mocha Frap but the that girl was like ...

S: "want to try this new drink ... something orange ... bla2 .."
Me: erkkk orange??? (making yuckkks faces) ... No thanks ..
S: what about this ... bla2 ... we bland together with choc chip ... bla2
Me: choc chip??? yes2!!!

so i ordered Java Chip Frap (that's wat writen on the recipt) n an Ipanema cake (remind me of my sandal ... brand Ipanema jgk .. lolx) ...


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