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Friday, 9 April 2010


This is the tyme where i wish, hope, want, desire, crave n other similar words (that can describe it) ... that i'm not as i am right now ....

Ok, i'm that kind of girl yg will do her work (non-stop) until she gets it right, or not, i xbole ddk diam, asyik ingt psl that work n weirdly i'll even dream about it ...

This all happening bcause of ASP project for my Internet Programming course. It's due next week, n i have "bhempas pulas" tok siap kan project nih, but still i can't make the main function works!!! arggghhhh it's been 3 times since i have dreamt about ASP ... correcting my coding (dlm mimpi tuh) .... n then i'll wake up in the middle of the night n xboleh tito ...
This one time, i had to say out loud, (time t'jage in the mid of the night) saying .. "ASP dah siap da ... Tito3" ... n u know what??? it actually worked! hahahaha

but thn esk mimpi lg ASP .. =(

My room da jd mcm ... hurmmmz i myself pn x tahu how to describe ... see it for urself!

Chocolate, tisu, bottle ... sme merate! tu belom tgk jumlah bju kotor yg telah di kumpulkan! lolx

But still i do have time tok abis kan my novel "Candyfloss" ... yes2 i've been reading teenage novel these days .... Teenage novels actually lg best dr Women Fiction (except for Sophine Kinsella novels la) ...

For example Diary of a Wimpy Kid .... less words more pictures! hoho
Reading novel actually helps me to sleep but it doesn't work on "doing" ASP day!!

FYI final nk dekat, study week lg 2 weeks ... n to compare from previous sems ... i think this sem is the worst!


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