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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Weird but not so weird about me

Berkenaan dgn tajuk d atas ( cm tgh wat surat rasmi time2 skola dlu plak .. huhu) ...
here are the lists of things that r weird but not so weird about me :

1.I dont drink 100 Plus cuz i think it tastes like rumput! seriously ... the 1st time i drank it was when i was at the school field, kbetulan time tuh padang tuh bru potong rumput so bau rumput mmg so obvious la. the minute i drank 100 plus, i taste rumput, even now if i try minum 100 plus again, it would taste rumput jgk ... so weird~

2.I really ske keropok yg da msk again ... if u remember dlu2 tyme "roti mamak" yg slalu round2 dpn umah tuh still glamour. I slalu beli this thing (can't remember it's name) for 20 cent yg ad keropok kale coklat n mainan skali dlm dia, juz for the sake of the keropok tuh .. my friends would be tossing it while i would be collecting them n happily mkn sorng2 .. haha n the weird thing was, i would be tossing those mainan! hahaha

3.If u've read my last post about Nightmare! thn u should noe what i'll be babbling about. I tend to dream abt my unfinished works when i go to sleep ... the annoying thing's i'll be finishing the works in the dream. langsung x dpt nk rest! tu belom tyme nk exam, i'll be studying in the dream kot!!!!

4.This might not be so weird, but i've sneezed more than 20 times continuously .. kwn dok sebelah time tuh mesti rase dorng da d liputi dgn germs! hahaha nk wat cm ner, da idung gle sensitive.

For now nih je kot ...
Esk start my 1st paper for final .. so wish me a very damn gud luck!!!


Syiman Syareman said...

gud luck aida!

Milly said...

TQ syiman!

Shukri said...

good luck aida..

p/s: i hate 100plus jgk..not weird..duhh

Milly said...

TQ! ... it tastes like rumput kan3!
*trying not to be weird
^ ^

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