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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Holiday

As u all know, i juz
got back from Russia
on the 28th ...
I love the airplane ...
I mean those movies that were showing on it ...
I didn't sleep (the last flight) juz to watch them ..
still x sempat nk tgk cite Liar game final stage smpai abis =(

So how's Russia?
Ok .. nice ..
At first when we arrived, the weather was 20++ Celsius ..
Strolling around, amek pics yg sgt byk~
n we went to a lot of souvenir shops ...

Then came St. Petersburg ..
It was raining when we arrived ...
gile sejuk~
The next day .. OMG gile panas!

After that Russia's weather gile panas
mcm Malaysia 36 celcius ...
Tp kat sne panas kering, n it juz made my skin gile kering~ =(

Anyway ...
overall it was superb!
We didn't have to wait for the train to come
bcause dia dtg every 2 mins ...
not like K** ... if t'tgl rase cm nk nangis jer .. huhu

So here r the pics!
more pics r at FB!


little pixie said...

lawa pic.
suka jer tgk!!
i suka u nyer black bow headband.
cute !

Milly said...

Thanks ...
bt my lil bro ckp i look like a cat ...
heandband tuh cm telinga kucing

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