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Friday, 18 June 2010

Quick update

Hey guys!!
I'm currently at KLIA ...
on my way to Russia to see my sis's convo ...
I'll be back on 28th ..
so don't miss much ok!

The reason I'm writing this is bcause I'm so damn bored!
It's 1 am and our flight is at 2 am ...
Haihhh 1 more hour to go~
then I'll have to sit in the plane for 6 or 8 hours (not really sure)
transit at Dubai
Then 5 more hours to go to reach Russia
gile lame kan???
Thank god they have movies showing in the plane ... =)

So I guess that's it ...
will be posting again (hopefully on 28 or 29th)
to tell u guys all about the holiday!!!

P/S: This is my 2ns time going to Russia ... Dlu i went when i was in form 2 ^ ^


slaveofALLAH said...

jaga diri diri dan hati ye..kwn ku syg...

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