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Friday, 23 July 2010

A message~

Why do people change???
I'm sorry but I will never forgive you
Bcause u don't know what "friends" mean
So I don't need a friend like u
I know u know the truth (ofcourse la kan ..)
But, on 2nd thought ...
hurmzzzz I've never realized u're the "perasan" type~ lolx

P/s: I know u're reading it ... so shoooo ... get out of my blog ok!


slaveofALLAH said...

knp nie aida...sabar...'friends' tue tetap sedara muslim kita(if die islam la)....aida jgn benci org tue, benci perbuatan die aje....k....Nabi pon memaafkan umatnya...apa lagi kita manusia yg serba kerdil nie..

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