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Saturday, 24 July 2010

New Kittens ^ ^

The "Ibu" is Pirate ...
It's been 3 weeks kot since dia b'anak ..
She has 3 cute kittens!
I don't know y dia still letak anak dia atas almari ...

susah la wei nk tgk!! asyik kne pnjat tangga je!

I know anak2 dia xsabar2 nk turun bcause everytime i come, mesti anak2 dia come towards me ...
Here are some pics of them~

Sibuk je Pirate nk masuk dlm pic skali ...


See! cm nk kuar dr box tuh n lompat towards me kan3???

I know i said 3 ... but there's only 2 right??
Well the other one Pirate da "penyek" kan dia ... hahaha
After nk turun dr tangga bru nmpk the 3rd one~
btw he's grey + white in color~


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