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Thursday, 2 September 2010

It's not really a Phobia, isn't it??

The truth is, I can never swim alone in a swimming pool.
I always need other people to be (swimming) near me.


The simple truth is I'm scared of .....




I know they can't live in swimming pool, with all those chlorine
but since I was a kid, after watching Jaws, Crocodiles and Piranhas movies where they bite and also EAT people. I got scared. Yes3 until now.

I always imagine (if I'm swimming alone in a pool), that those Jaws, Crocodilea or Piranhas are somewhere near me, ready to eat me!!!!
The best part is, the reason why it's ok if someone else is swimming near me is bcause ....

"Ok, ade org len, so if I got eaten, so will he/she" This will be on my mind! hahhaa

Weird but it's the truth... ^ ^
Anyway, I'm totally going to see the Piranha 3D movie..
No2, it won't scare me ... I will only be scared when I'm in the water.
By saying this, I just remember that, when I was a kid, I always bathe in my mom's bathtub.
Even at time I was totally scared, and had to 'ajak' my lil bro to bathe with me! lolx


Fida Faizal said...

salam . okay . fida pon nak watch this movie tooo .
*semoga terkawal mata

Lein Nazir said...

You are a freak & crazy....no doubt!

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