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Friday, 17 September 2010

Not a Raya entry

Instead of blogging about Raya, I want to blog about ... erkkk me going out with my sis. The main reason is bcause I didn't really take any pics during Raya, xde mood la.

So today I went to Ikano, The Curve with my sis.
And we had lunch at Sweet Chat!

My sis,busy with her new HP

And before we went back home I bought, errkkk I don't really know what it is called. Lempeng with cream n strawberry.

urgghh pale me

And lastly, my new Hp, which is bought for my FYP. Hope I can develop the app ^ ^

My New Hp


mynameisanuar(^^,)/ said...

hey !
ur blog nowadays dah macam jalan jalan cari pasal betul la . lari topik benor
just a suggestion kan dah alang alang u skang such a food hunter ..u try pg makan dekat restoran intai intai . dekat area ulu klang... terbaik ! trust me ;)

Milly said...

ape kate u belanja i kat restaurant intai-intai tuh ^ ^

Milly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raul azreen said...

fyp tu ape ek?

Milly said...

fyp = final year project

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