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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The signs

Signs that show, Final semester is almost over:

Sign Number 1
You'll be up side down thinking about your FYP (Final Year Project)

Da siap ker, Betol ke aku bwat nih? Alamak, da 2 bulan xjumpe Supervisor =.=

Sign Number 2
You'll be extremely super duper malas nak pegi kelas.
but in my case, xkesah la beginning or what ever, still malas nak pegi HAH!

Sign Number 3
"SHitttt, next week 4 test, assignment Ethic xsiap lg, project DM nak kne bwat ape? IR punye project ........."

Sign Number 4
Duit dlm bank da semakin susut! haha

Sign Number 5
MPG sudah datang..... hehe




Actually I wanna talk about MPG (Malam Pra-Graduan). Intro bukan men panjang kan? hehe
Anyhow, the theme this year is Black(Boys) and White(Girls)
Serious bosan gile kan????
bwat la yg WOW skit, theme Harry Potter ker? Twilight ker? Princes and Princesses Fairy Tale ker? Ehhh jab, da macam budak sekolah rendah punye theme la pulak. =.=
But the point is, BLACK AND WHITE?


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