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Friday, 22 July 2011

Job Interview 2: Fleming Gulf

The interview was on Wednesday.
I was very nervous and I had no idea what this company was about.
I just simply applying on Jobstreet an lucky got an interview.
The company is opposite of Pavilion, confirm stress cuz of traffic jam if keje ctu.
The only thing I knew was that the company organized conference.

I reached there early, and the Manager was interviewing someone else.
A girl ask me to wait in the room, and suddenly I thought mcm penah jumpe je this girl..
Rupe2nye, same Matriks dlu, she's my roomate's friends. patut la cm pnah nampak.
She said the Manager will be back in a min, and she said he is a mat salleh.
Terus extra duper nervous. Macam mane klau tibe2 i suddenly otak jam then can't find the correct word. Mati mat salleh nih x paham. hahaha

The job title is International Sales Executive, kne cari trainee for the conference...
Mase interview, mat salleh nihm hurmz seemed so stressed. I thought mmg confirm x dpt la.
He didn't seem to have any bit interest in me, but I have started to like the environment. Ade foreigners, chinese, malays.... just what I have always wanted.
He said he'll call me that afternoon if I got the job.

Mase jalan2 that evening, asyik2 tgk phone aje ....
Waiting for the call, it was at 3.30pm when I realize, confirm xdpt =(
but my friend ckp (she went to the same interview), the manager ckp he'll email instead of call.
So balik, terus bukak email dgn excitednye...

and guess what???

Now the prob is, convincing my dad, he said Cimb is way better.
but I can't see myself working in Cimb, can't imagine...
I know Cimb is more stable and everything, but I have no friends, everyone there Pak cik & Mac cik... bole ke I get any friends to talk to nnt???

Both starts on 1st August. I da signed with Cimb... but haven't given any answer to Fleming Gulf... Still trying hard to persuade my dad.
Wish me luck ya. Hope that I'll make a good decision.


May Maisarah said...

Wow!!! Great la Aida. Dapat 2 tawaran kerja dlm 1 mase. Tahniah2!

Buat pilihan terbaek ok!
All the best!

p/s: Aida, better diasbled kan word verification kt bawah ni.okai? :)

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