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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sedap la sgt ^ ^"

It happened when my eldest sis saw my lil bro nk g dapur ... so she went

sis:eme! amik kan air masak ..
me: nk jgk!
sis:bg dia air masak jgk!
me:xmau2! nk air sedap (like ice blanded milo yg my lil slalu bwat)

*after a minute or 2

lil bro: Nah!

i was smiling at 1st thn, bile nmpk air ap yg i dpt trus i gelak gile2~
he gave me this ...

If u can't happen to see, he gave me air masak with "Air Sedap" label kat mug tuh ... ngeeee


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