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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bile midnight datang!

It all started when I decided nk ganti puase ... bcause I can't find any food in the fridge n I am not a great cook myself, so i decided nk mkn maggie jer ...

Tibe2 I had this idea tgh2 mlm tu tok instead of juz letak hot water into the maggie, (since it's a cup maggie) y not I goreng je maggie tuh (thinking of konon2 la nk tiru the way my eldest sis masak)

Ok first, I had a hard tyme to find Bawang besar .. siap kne tnye my BF n goole ag ^^'
Last2 i juz ambik the blended one dlm fridge eventhough i had noe idea if it's bwang besar, or wat so ever.
Thn I had to overcome the percikkan of the minyak since i decided nk include some sotong n udang..
Next, my maggie tibe2 jd lembik, sgt2 x myelerakan! haha
but wat to do, xkan nk msk lain, so i decided to juz mkn n unfortunately i managed to makan x smpai half pn! hehe

So in the morning .. i mean evening .. since i woke up at almost 3pm that day .. hahaha
My maid was asking, i mkn ap tok sahur, thn i said i msk maggie, xsdap, bla bla bla i mkn half jer ...

Then u now what? She said,

My maid: Ala bkn maggie tuh yg x sedap(meaning bkn salah maggie tu) .. Kak Aida masak yg x sedap ...

Me: -.-"


Milly said...

hahaha ... so funny. tu la bila org masak xnk belajar =p

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