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Friday, 3 June 2011

Things you should know

There are somethings that you should know about me:

1. Even if I'm ANNOYED or MAD at you, usually I won't show it infront of you. The worst thing that I could possible do is just ignore you. If there was a time when you were asking question at me and I was just like "Yeaaaaah" or just nodding my head, that's the sign that I don't want to talk to you and please get lost.

2. I really2 don't like copy cats. Owhhhh not "peniru" tok assignments or projects. "tiru" in what I usually do.

3. Don't think you can mess with me, trying to "laga-laga"kan other people with me. Trying to get somebody to get mad at me just because people give more attention to me than to you. If you want people to see you, then STEP UP! Don't expect people to give u attentions when u're being quite and DUMB!

4. TOLONG JANGAN NAK BEREBUT ANYTHING WITH ME. If it's mine, then it is f-ing mine! Understand????

5. Stuff that you do, If I don't like it, I will usually give u a hint. I will never tell you directly. So please jadi peka la skit, and stop acting like you're dumb/slow, that ain't cute u know =.=


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