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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Job Interview 1: Cimb

Had an Interview today.
I had no idea what position I was interviewing for, I just dropped my resume at GLC Open day and they scheduled me for an interview at Cimb today.

I woke up at 8, siap2 sume then the worst thing happened. Jam terok gile, and I was barely entering Jalan Kuching. Baru dkt traffic light near my house =.=
but thank GOD I arrived tepat2 pukol 10. hehe

The interview was nerve breaking. I totally suck in Interview, and today was no exception. They mostly asked me about my personal life rather than what I've learnt.
Owhhh basically because I have ZERO working experienced and they're actually offering me Sales position. There were two, but I'm really bad with names so I don't remember it. haha

anyhow, I got to go to the 2nd Interview! Yeaaaaaaa
On the same day but different place.
And guess what???
I GOT THE JOB! It's called Personal Financial Consultant. (I wrote it down, if u were wondering)
But the prob is I have no idea when I want to start, they said to call them back next week to confirm when I want to start.
the prob is, I've bought my tickets to Tokyo in October. Can I get 4 days leave(excluding weekends)?????

Need to call them tomorrow and discuss about it.

Owhhh for those who knows me, u might be wondering why I got Sales position.
Well I have no F-ing idea myself.

I studied Science stream in Secondary school and as well as Matriculation.
Multimedia Computing for my Degree and now Sales for a JOB????


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