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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Eat Eat n Eat!

Date: 9th Jan 2010
Time: 9:00 pm(kot)
Venue:The Curve

Me with my fam (except for my 3rd sis, she's still in Russia) went for dinner!
My dad's treat! made me feel fat after consume a massive amount of food ... there was ICE CREAM!!

Org yg wat juice there was really confused when i cam sibuk nk order skali using my sis's ticket .. rupe2nye dia ckp "adik bradik ke??xsame pn muke" ... mmg la xsame ... i'm actually adopted ............. NOT! lolx

Here r few pics!

*xsengaje same color! lol

*air apple yg cm len mcm jer =(

*ICE CREAM!!! did i tell u ice cream is my fav thing to eat???!

*me n my mum


xull said...

The cow is in green coz of food poisoned! Not a safe place to eat. NOT! Hahaha

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