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Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 .. I Saw ....

It was almost 2 in da morning on 1st of jan 2010, i saw 2 girls juz came out from the sunway pyramid cinema ... walking seriously fast .... they went at the 1st floor ... looking for something, thn they stoped, looked up n down, thn went to the ground floor ... now they looked panicked, started to look at each other, one of them has started calling someone, asking for direction i think ... they went up stairs again ... then back to the G level thn stopped ... they then dcided to take the lift instead of escalator since it would be much easier and faster .... They got out at level 1 (i think so) thn, they started laughing, they were actually looking for the entrance of the pyramid tower hotel, they got confused a.k.a lost since the entrance had been closed n they had to take the emergency door to pass through, smiles n laughs were shown on their faces, it was juz for 5 min, when they again got lost in the hotel, searching for the room cuz apparently they kinda 4got the room's num!!! hahaha but at last they found the room, of course feeling exhausted after completing the "treasure hunt" ...
Those girls were ... eh wait it was me n my cousin!!!! hahaha
we welcomed our 2010 with getting lost in sunway pyramid! Silly us ...

In the afternoon, what i saw was a nightmare ... seriously, i would never ever go through that experience again. Me n my cousins went to Sunway Lagoon ... everything was fine until i saw something ewwwwwww! I usually walk with my head down, so the 1st thing i'll see is leg, body thn only the top a.k.a head ... To begin with, me n my cousin were wondering around searching for my cousin's sis n bro(no ... we weren't lost at that tyme) ... we were walking pretty fast when i saw ... 2 legs ... no pants ... cuz a bikini was on ... "own pompuan nih" i thought to myself ... thn when i looked at the body ... i was .... hurmz hw should i say this??? if i were at home, i would be guling2 on the floor trying not to die from laughing ... setiap langkah that girl took, her belly would be up n down ... more over, perut dia was a BIG EWWWWWWWW! bselulit all over + xsekate like org bru wat liposuction where kulit jd lembik n ad lubang2! i don't really noe how to describe but it was EWWWWWW! then when i looked at her face, her face was telling me like "YEaaaaH I'm wearing a bikini ... look at my body!" hahahahha it was terrible, then i saw bulu ketiak everywhere, haha it was long, curly + brownish since tuh mat salleh punye! lol

*she was somewhat like this, only her hair was black


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