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Monday, 18 January 2010

A Sign

Since last week i've been hearing this announcement about the English Club for my college, searching for English Consultants ... i can remember every detail about it, where n when to apply and so on bcause that announcement woke me up from my sleep. The interesting part was they'll pay 10 bucks per hour to those who got selected. For being totally broke right now, makes me keep on thinking whether to apply or not.

So, today, i suddenly have the urge to apply, but unfortunately form da abis ... n have to wait for them to make more copies. u noe b'tape cepat my semangat bole ilang. so i was like "xpyh la, maybe it's not meant for me to join"..

But then td, i had my HCI presentation, i was totally nervous since it was a last minute preparation(supposed nk sorng je present, but then mcm lecturer tu bg individual marks plak). Then, pas presentation that lecturer asked me to see her after class..

Time tuh lots of things been goin on my mind.."did i do something wrong?xkan la dia nmpk ak pkai sexy2 kat college(my lecturer pn one of those in charge kat my college), or dia nk tegur about me clothes???" ...

Rupe2nye she was asking if i dengar announcement psl English Club tuh x ... then insisted for me to join that English Consultant thingy bcause she's in-charge with that thing.... wawawawawa never thought i got personal invitation ... huhu guess i'm goin to apply for it after all~

*my smile after hearing wat the lecturer said.... NOT!


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