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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ok2 i'm writing ...

Nih blog post yg tpakse ... hahahhaa harsh but true .... Amir + Medi nk sgt i tulis .. so here it goes~

Jumpe Amir + Medi today, actual reason nk trade balik my spec with medi's .. nk dkt 2 months kot tkr ngn dia ... now i got mine back!

Alang2 da jumpe + since lame x jumpe .... so g la jenjalan jb ... after a long discussion we decided g OU bcause according to them .. parking murah .. RM1 jer .. lol

Went for bowling ... which i proudly to announce that i WON!!!! hahahaaha mule2 je dorng terer pastu ~ hahaahah sorry guys, but it's true ... *nk masuk blog i kne la tahan skit ek!

Thn mkn MCD, cian si Medi mkn prosperity burger smpai bpeluh2 ... xbese mkn pedas la plakkan ... Si Amir, b'usaha gile nk stay cool! lolx yes2 i noe it was spicy .. sje nk sakat korang!

Few pics were taken, but none that i was in it!!!! i jadi photographer jer la nmpknye today~

*the bowling scores! Medi's ... Amir's n ME!

P/S: ey, instead of big font, kale merah ok la kan??hehe


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