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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Brown Eyed Girls

I Heart Brown Eyed Girls!! Love Ga-in ... It's actually a Korean group ... a HOT one ... Consist of Ga in, Narsha, J.A n Miryo

Their best songs (for me) are Abracadabra, Sign n How Come ... You should definitely see their MV .. u'll totally fall for it, like i did ... i've been dancing Abracadabra almost everyday since i 1st listen to it ... hoho

My Bf likes Narsha ... but i Love Ga in .. she's cuter + sexier ... lolx ... you should see how she danced in their Abracadabra MV .. I as a girl pn jantung da dub dab dub dab ... seriously damn m'giurkan ... cm tuh ek eja?? lol

anywya ... try google thm or search kat youtube ... try tgk best ke x best~

*my lovely Ga in


khairil said...

i f-ing heart Narsha ^_^
~ngeeeee~ *gigit jari*

Milly said...

n i f-ing heart ga in too

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