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Monday, 8 March 2010

Grief time~

It was because i was so sleepy (about 7 am) , i juz took the glue that my bf wanted n put it straight into my bag ...

thn by the time nk pegi kelas (about 4 pm)i felt somthing hot kat my bag ... thn when i checked ... my bag da mcm keras ... thn i remembered psl glue tuh ... FYI glue tuh lg kuat dr gam cap gajah ...

my bag, purse, tali hard rock which i bought kat prague n my hp ... all ruined!!!
arghhhhh my bag melekat with tali hard rock tuh ... purse tuh melekat sesame sendiri ... my hp plak, da keras skit skin dia cuz kne that bloody glue~

i dont really care about my bag, purse n my hp .... i gile2 kisah about tali hard rock tuh! it's only sold at Prague, time pegi Berlin + Phuket pn x jumpe tali tuh da ... waaaaaaaaa! RM100++ kot, ag mahal dr my bag tuh~ =(

koyak da~

cm ne nk tanggalkan?!


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