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Saturday, 27 March 2010


I bought this crazy spray juz for fun ..
i bought the snow spray at first,

well, to make it a story, 2 funny things happened..

1.I sprayed it to my cat, of course la they'd be jumping cm nk gile cuz tkejut, but the best part was bile the snowy thing melekat kat bulu dia n every time my cat pandang blakang(n see the snow) it jumped, n i was laughing on the floor hysterically. then bile my cat pndang blakang lg, dia still tkejut n jumped lg ... lolx now my cat xmau dtg da bile pgl dia ... huhu

2.this one is about my maid... FYI dia nih mmg kuat tkejut, jalan blakang dia skit jer while she's washing the dishes pn bole mjerit cuz tkejut. n "menjerit" dia, i tell u, gile kuat!back to the story ... so i apparently sprayed her too, smpai abis one bottle. n then dia da jd like phobia with the spray, bile dia dgr ktorg(me n my lil bro) shake that bottle(cuz nk men with each other, not with her) pn dia da jerit cuz takot .. it's really hilarious i tell u. itu blom lg juz show her the bottle, lari + mjerit thn g dapor ... nasib baik my parent's not home ... or not sure kne mara ... as if ktorg dera our maid! lolx


zeckareth said...

kesian kucing tu

Milly said...

ala bkn slalu wat cm tuh ... hehe

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