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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


This post is dedicated to those yg slalu sgt x flush toilet after using it ...

Hey! even cats pn tahu flush ok!
so there's no more excuse for not flushing the toilet ..
Plz la ... bau tahu!

P/s: i slalu notice org x flush toilet after using it ...i nk masuk toilet tu pn da pkir 2-3-4 kali~


EqynnYusof said...

aida, kite slalu x flush toilet.. wahahahahahahah!!!...yg kecik je la... oklah, pasni akan slalu flush.. hihihi

Milly said...

nape x flush!!!
nih nk kene babap ni!
mmg x leh tgl ngn kite la nmpk nyer ...
alarm clock, toilet flush ... haih

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