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Thursday, 25 March 2010

When will this over?

Gile x ske when the sem is almost over, time tuh la btimbun project, assignment, test, quiz, n etc nk kne siap kan ....
Arghhhhh pening2 ...

Things to do:

  1. Movie Mandarin : Shoot Vid + edit
  2. Project ID : apparently mcm Kyree je yg kne abis kan ... huhu
  3. Project HCI : How nk msukkan system voice recognition dlm flash tuh???
  4. Multimedia Programming : Shoot Vid + edit
  5. Internet Programming : Damn ASP yg gile pening nk bwat, sgt byk + sgt Zoo-Wee Mama~
  6. Data Communicatin n Networking : Movie Review


Btw this sem i got 7 subjects!!!!!!! but only 6 final papers ...
But still 6 tuh byk kot~

Juz hope bile sem nih abis i won't end up like this:


khairil said...

zoo wee~ MAMA! kucen tu

Syiman Syareman said...

its ok milly..
sentiasa beristiqamah..hehe

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