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Monday, 1 March 2010


I've been meaning to blog about it long2 tyme ago, tp asyik lupe jer~
So so so so ... Ok now i've joined gym .. Celebrity Fitness obviously ..
I joined the all club membership since weekdays i'm stuck kat S.alam ... n weekdays obviously i'll be happily at home ...

So weekdays i'll usually go to Sunway's Celebrity Fitness n on sunday i'll go to Celebrity Fitness kat OU ...
I really enjoy the dance class which i always attend on sunday at OU ...
gile best! i've danced Bad romance, disturbia, 3, sexy something ape tah title dia n etc !!

Dkat Sunway i usually will be doing weight lifting ... weight yg plg mininum la obviously! hahaha

So let's see in few months coming, if i'll have 6 packs!! lolx

*after shower ...


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