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Thursday, 5 August 2010


I have to present this Monday for my audio & video subj,
what got me confused is, the lecturer said it's pitching ....
ap beze pitching ngn present biase????
So thn i decided to ask D ...

Me:D, u tahu x pitching tuh cm ne?
D: Pitching? I don't know pitching, but I noe Cam....
(I forgot what the name was)
Me: erkkkk ap tuh???
D: Dia cm nk kire ur body fat, masuk somthing dkt ur lengan .. bla bla bla
Me: (ape plak yg dia mgarut nih, I'm asking about something to do with presentation, not body fat) ... owh cm tuh ek???
D: cm tuh la, but pinching i xtahu sgt la ...

OMG!!!! I tried hard not to laugh, I said pitching, but she heard pinching. At 1st I wanted to correct her, tp xpe la ... malu pulak dia nnt! hahaa

D: U kne present about this thing ker?
Me: erk ... xla, sje tanye~ x


At this 1 gerai, me n my BF wanted to order ...

Mamak: Order2
My BF: Bg teo ais limau 1, letak buah longan kat dlm bole????
Mamak: Bole2 .. lg2?
My BF: Kopi Jantan 1 ...
Mamak: Ok2 ... teo ais limau 1, kopi jantan 1

Then that mamak walked away ..
I wanted to corrected him, teo ais limau + buah longan .... tp I was thinking xpe la ... At least it is still Teo ais ....
But in the end, yg smpai Sirau Limau~ 0.0


khairil said...

and it tasted like sirap limau eventually~ ^ ^

Milly said...

hahahaha ofcourse la ...
i sje je ckp time tuh~

khairil said...

yye la tuu~, ur face is like hoping it was teo ice limau instead when u drank it..hahah

Milly said...

Xsalah mharap, even though da terang2 kale dia pink~

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