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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MTV and Me

It was a wet concert,
smelly concert,
n hard to breath concert!!! hahaha

Nevertheless, Katy Perry's awesome!!!
Can't wait for her new single peacock to come out!

I didn't get to see Bunkface performed,
cuz when i entered, cun2 Wonder Girls bru nk perform! Wow~

I didn't bring any camera, so I had to take pics using my Hp ...
So here r the pics! not many though~

A very long que

I don't have pics for Katy Perry n Tokio Hotel bcause half time bile Tokio Hotel performed,
I decided to sit at the back, I was so tired of standing, and those laki2 yg dok kat kiri, kanan, depan n ofcourse blakang, gile2 BAU!!!! lolx


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