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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Surat Cinta

I left my things, well basically everywhere ...
So u usually U'll here me saying

Nor!!!!! Beg yg pink tuh kat ner???
Nor!!!!! Kasut yg itam tuh xde pn ... cari-cari~
eh ari tuh bukan sye letak buku atas meja nih ker Nor???

well Nor this n Nor that (Nor is my maid)

Tuh belom kire kat hostel,
I'll be searching my stuff all over the place n usually the "stuff" that I'm searching for ...... well, I'm actually holding it~ lolx

Anyway ... back to the title Surat Cinta
tibe2 my maid ckp nk kemas bwh katil ...
n bawah katil tuh mmg byk khazah negara!

Then we came across a box of shoes, full of letters ....
where did the letters come from????

well,When I was in form 2 ...
time kanak2 dlu la kan ..
I always bought Utopia, Gempak n so on
n they have this section, where u get to post ur pics n ur info (excluding phone num)
Well, to cut things short,
I post my pics ...
ala time kecik2 dlu, xpikir ape pn, juz nk try bnde2 yg ad

So anyway, after months of waiting, finally my pic kuar kat magazine tuh (lupe la which magazine)
by than, perasaan myesal post tuh da ad da,
I never thought of what if somebody sent me a letter
since my mom nih ske bkk surat org skit ...

Then, few days letter,
I started to get letters,
mule2 1 ... thn 2....thn 10 .... thn .....
erk juz look at the pics la ... huhu

None of those did I ever reply,
some sent pics too~
num hp mmg blambak la ...
I also got lost of emails ....

Anyway, one day my mom dpt la pulak one of those letters ...
besenye when the postman comes, I will be the one to wait infront of the gate,
tp dat day, i went out, so xdpt nk tgg mr.postman dpn gate.
luckly that write x mention where he got my address, so my mom have no idea la I post my pics kat magazine tuh ... hehe
lucky me~

To think back about it, mmg lawak ...
mane la dtg idea nk post pics kat magazine tuh
n I never did tell my friends ....

one letter, mr.postman t'salah anta, n end up kat umah my senior ...
bile kat skola, he said ad letter for me ...
that writer even sent me his photo ..
so my senior amek pic dia, n until now I have now idea what he did to that pic! lol
Hope dia x bwat something horrible da la~


Maherausaurus** said...

mill, dat part of the magazine la i got to know you dow. :P


jumpa kat kursus PMR institute bahasa je tp xtego. lepas da sekian lama pastu jumpa muka mill yg horible tuh baru la tego en. :))

ok lawakskit ar. zaman skolah2 en. haha.

Milly said...

hahaha seb bek maher x tulis surat kan??? if not sure mill x reply

Maherausaurus** said...

haha. xkan pnye nak tulis2 surat. malas gle kot. :)) baik add msn mesengger je. haha

cikmay said...

its normal la aida.k.may pon penah sekali tuh cari punye cari belt merata2 last2 baru sedar yg belt tu dh tersarung kt pinggang.aiyokk.ngengg btol la...btw, part magazine tuh mmg lawak.hahaha.;p

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