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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Samsung Bada Developers Varsity Challenge 2010

Today I went for Samsung Bada Developers Varsity Challenge 2010
My Supervisor seems like he wants me to join the competition,
but I don't really have the 'confident' in me yet ...

The prices are WOW!
Look for yourself~

And not to forget, even if you didn't win,
You still get a chance to sell your application to Samsung (If they are interested)
You'll get royalties!!!!
70% to the developer (u, ur team mate and ur supervisor ofcourse) and 30% to Samsung every time someone downloaded a.k.a purchase ur application!
Easy income right???
but not so easy la bcause u have to develop the application itself first..

I'm interested, but I don't have team mates yet
I have to seek for my Supervisor's advice, see what he has for me ...

I really want to take part in this competition,
not only bcause of the prices, it also will guarantee me a job
Market kot bende nih! Mobile app is the 'IT' thing now~

So wish me luck!
Hope I'll get some idea soon and pray to god I even win the competition ^ ^

Btw check out the new Samsung Wave,
It's nice,the screen resolution is grate and cheap ... only Rm1600++
For those who r looking for new Hp, y don't u try Samsung Wave

Odw to Plaza Central

I was in a hurry, wanted to ask Q to the speaker

Owh ya ... I even get a pink T-Shirt from Samsung, for asking a question ^ ^


Mohd Adziim said...

Good luck! there you go...I wish already for you.

Milly said...

Thanks very much!

khairil said...

rantai baru la~

Milly said...

rantai bru ap???

H Y D E said...

hmm,bada..OS bru from samsung kan...mcmna Wave 2? spec ok x dgn price?

khairil said...

tu kt pic dlm bus tu~

Milly said...

Hyde, I'm not quite sure, but I looked nice, the screen resolution (they said) are one of the best

sop said...

congrat.. dpt t shirt..
Hp x dpt? huhu

Milly said...

Hp mesti la x dpt~ hoho
kne beli la

EqynnYusof said...

kite nak join gak!! sekarang tgh gile buat asgment dr salwa... due date dh dekat(competition)...... gud luck to u!!!!!

Pojok Cirebon said...

nice pictures ya. Have a nice day

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