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Saturday, 6 November 2010


Feeling extremely hungry, me n my BF went to Murni at USJ 9
U all know Murni right?
And U must know how the environment is, how fast they serve U and how the food taste
But this USJ Murni is totally a I-Will-Never-Eat-Here-Again.

First, service dia totally poor, da lame ddk pn x dpt menu lg ...
Nk tgg mknan smpai pn lg la lame kan?
Then when the drink came ....
The 1st thing I saw, buah lychee x fresh langsung!
da kecut, nk started to become brown da pon ...

The food was all ewwwwwy and gweyyyy
My Bf order Lamb chop, lamb chop yg lembik, not lembut ... LEMBIK
bcause full of lemak!!! ewwwwwwww da la nasi goreng masin gile!
I had to spit it out cuz rase cm mkn "segumpal" garam!

My food, mee hailam was .... well masin too!
I barely eat it ... but the chili was the best! hahahhaa
So in the end, I end up Hungry the whole night =(

Lemak Lamb Chop

Mee Hailam Garam

This is the picture taken time nk balik, barely eaten mee hailam garam and ewwwwy gwewwwyy lemak lamb chop!


milkycreamo said...

hehehe...relax2..nih mkn ke kedai mamak ke? or kedai melayu??

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