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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bad Luck?

I don't really care much about my so-called car
So last night I my sis ckp

"Aida, tayar dpn tuh nmpk pancit la"

Then, on the next morning, my sis helped me to change the tyre ..
She said, I still need to go to the workshop since that tyre won't last long,
sbb it's a spare tyre (I really have no idea about this)

So, I asked my maid to come with me
less thn 150m away from the workshop, I heard a "kruk kruk" sound coming from the tyre

Obviously me and my maid would be panic!
so I had to stop kat tepi jalan, got lots of honking from krete blakang ...
and found out my tyre da x jadi tyre da ... huhu
da xde angin langsung!
So I called my sis and waited for her to come and save me

It was 2 o'clock, gile panas ...
Luckily kat seberang jalan, ad lorry bhenti bcause their lorry pon rosak jgk! haha
anyway, they helped me to change the tyre sementara tgg my sis dtg ...
if not for them, I would have left my car tepi jalan tuh n would have caused a massive traffic jam (over exaggerate, hehe).... they were the one who drove my car to the opposite side since I was so afraid that if I moved the car, the rim or wat ever u call it, will t'cabut! lol

2 abang lorry who had helped me ... TQ
Thanks to my sis n her bf too ^ ^

Owh owh, thanks to my bf too, for helping me to pump the other 3 tyres in the middle of the night .. hehe


kyra said...

hahaha ... sempat lg ambik gambar mamat lori tuh!

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